Friday, April 29, 2011

The New Adventure Part 2

I find myself in my tent, as I step out I see others also wearing the Golden Armor of God. As we look out we can see the army of the evil one massing for a counterattack. I immediately begin giving commands to those wearing the Armor of God that is silver in color. I order the shofars near me to begin to sound . The others in God’s Golden Armor are doing the same. Each one of us knowing his part and the parts the others have and giving instructions to those who are with us.

Then one of the men brings me a beautiful stallion. To say it was white would be an understatement; it was glowing white and amazing to look at. I mounted this beautiful animal with some of the others in the Golden armor of God.  We move into positions, behind the hills on either side of the enemy. These Golden forces were now on the right and left flanks and the other part of the Army of God was in front of the enemy. It was then I realized that the trap the enemy had set for us had now become a trap for them.

The shofars sound the attack and we ride to the tops of the hills and the Golden Armor of God begins to reflect the sun. As we reach the top we begin to worship and the Glory of God begins to radiate out of the armor and flows down to the valley below. At this point, the demons begin to break ranks, some running away, others running forward toward the waiting Army of God. The Army of God begins to praise and worship also, and the Glory of God becomes overwhelming.

We all continue in worship until the intensity of the Glory is so great that no one can see the man or woman beside him or her. Then, as we finish worshipping the glory begins to lift. We look into the valley below and there is not a demon in sight and the valley and the hillsides are radiating the Glory of God. As the battle had ended the beauty of what had been restored was amazing. But there was no time to enjoy it.

The Holy Spirit was urging us to press the attack on the enemy. We quickly formed up and moved out to pursue the enemy. As we moved forward we meet no opposition, but everywhere we place our feet renewal and the Glory of the Lord broke out in the land. Until, we came to the top of a ridge and there below us was a massive army of evil stretching out as far as we see. This evil army was aware of us but in their pride made no preparations for an attack by us. We were vastly outnumbered by this force of evil and they knew it. This army before us, reminded me of the army of the midianites that Gideon faced. I also remembered Shamgar, a judge of Israel, who slew 600 with an ox goad (a pointy stick). Then scripture came to mind, that one would put a 1000 to flight and two 10,000. Then I and others on horseback pulled out the Two-edged swords, that glowed with the power of the Word of God. We began to charge towards the enemy camp and as we did our armor began to glow. The army that was on foot also charged forward on foot, running towards the enemy also. They ran and  kept up with those of us on horses. Their armor and swords began to glow with the Glory of God. At this point the enemy camp falls into chaos. There are shouts of blame and curses, some trying to stand their ground and others running away as fast as they could. We continue to praise and worship and Glory of God’s presence begins to come upon us. We charge into the enemy’s camp. We meet only token resistance; the demons are busier attacking each other, than attacking us. The Glory is getting thicker and heavier. The battle is soon over. The entire valley is covered with the Glory of the Lord of Hosts.

 In midst of this we hear the voice of the Lord, “I will take back what is mine, I will restore and I will renew, I will bring My Glory to every corner of the earth once again. No power or principality will be able to stop what I have ordained to do. This is the hour of victory and restoration for my people and the restoration of  My Glory covering the earth, as the waters cover the sea.” At this we all begin to shout and weep with joy in the Presence of our Father, the Almighty God.   


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Prophetic Vision:The New Adventure Part 1

THis the beginning of a series of prophetic visions given to me by the Lord Jesus Christ over a six month time period. This has been an amazing experience for me. This a very biblical experience, the prophets Ezekiel, Isaiah, Daniel and others had these experiences in the Old Testament. In the New Testament, the Apostles, Peter, John and Paul had prophetic visions and experiences including being taken up into Heaven in the cases of John and Paul.
I want to make one thing perfectly clear, I did not seek or try to force these visions and experiences to happen. There is no biblical basis for forcing these things to happen. Godly visions and experiences are given by God, for His purposes and is given to whoever He wills. Anything else is dangerous; at the very least it is soulish in nature and at the worst a demonic deception. I attempt to walk with God and to know Him intimately, spending time with Him in prayer and just waiting and listening to hear what God is saying. This is the key, seeking a relationship with God first. Then God will reveal to you what He wants to reveal to you. God desires relationship my with you and wants to reveal himself to you. I pray these visions bless you and help you in your relationship with the Lord. God Bless you.

   I keep seeing a vision of myself in the full armor of God. The armor itself looks like it is made of silver. On the Breastplate of Righteousness, there is a roaring lion on it. As I look at the Shield of Faith there is the same roaring lion on it. On the handle Sword of the Spirit is the head of a roaring lion. As I look to the left and to right there are many in the same uniform and with the same symbol on their armor. Their shields, swords, breastplates and helmets glowing with the Glory of God.
Then as I look forward, I see an army moving away in full retreat. Then as I look down at my feet there are bodies of the demonic laying there and at the feet of all the Army of God. The bodies of the demons stretch as far as the eyes can see. I do not remember the battle. I remember is roaring in praise and worship and the Glory of God falling, then seeing the piles of the enemies of God, the Lord of Hosts.
We all begin to worship and praise and as we do the Glory of God comes down again. As the Glory lifts this time, all the bodies are gone; here is no sign of a battle. The battlefield is transformed into a beautiful place of rest (green pasture) and the River of God flowing through it.
We all enjoy this of rest, seemed like days of refreshing in this place but it had only be a few hours. Then suddenly I sense the need to put the armor on again and there are some others doing the same. Then the shofars blow and everyone else puts their armor. We all form up and begin to move forward; those of us felt the need to put on the armor before the shofars sounded are now in the lead. As we reach the top of the next hill, we are looking down on the enemy’s army. We hear lots of screaming and cursing at each other, everyone, blaming the other for the defeat they suffered.
Then shofars sound again and we begin to worship, the Glory of God begins to fall again. The demon army at this point begins to scream louder, covering their ears and running in every direction they could away from us. The glory becomes so thick that we can no longer see or stand. As the glory lifts we are again in a restored pasture land with the River of God flowing through it.
This time we camp for the night. At my campfire see my friends, Mike, Gene and Jean are there. It is a joy seeing them but I am not surprised that they are there. We have a wonderful time enjoying each other’s stories of our time with the Lord Father God.
The next day the army is once again moving, there is another battle and another victory. After the battle we come across some others from another battle. They are weary and tired and some that are injured. We stop and ministered to them. There were some who wanted to come with us and they did. I had an uneasy feeling about this, but they came anyway.
We came upon the enemy again. This time the battle was intense. We even found ourselves in hand to hand combat. Some of those who came with us broke ranks and ran. I do not feel anger towards them, only sadness that they will not see the victory that is sure to come. Then one of the demons grabs my left arm, the arm holding the Shield of Faith. I somehow swing the
Sword of the Spirit and cut the demon’s arm off. It runs away screaming in pain. The stench was horrible and gut wrenching. As we drive back the enemy,the Glory of God falls as before. The battlefield is transformed again into a place of rest and refreshing. I think to myself, each battle is different but the outcome is the same, VICTORY!!! Then I look at my left arm, the demonic hand that was there is gone. It has been cleaned away by the Glory of God.

I am sitting on the river bank, still wearing the Armor of God, rejoicing and praising God the day’s victory.
  Suddenly, the Glory of God falls on me and lifts me up higher and higher until I am standing at the entrance to the Throne Room of God. I hear the voices of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit calling me to enter. I enter the Throne Room it is amazing and overwhelming. There are thousands and thousands of people, stretched out on the floor worshipping the Lord and crying out in intercession. As I move closer to the throne there are tens of thousands of angels. My
strength is gone, but I feel the strength of the Holy Spirit moving me forward. I realize that I am still wearing the Armor of God.

  I finally reach the throne and I fall to my knees before the great 3 in 1, the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, who is there but is also everywhere. The Father and Jesus step forward and begin to pour anointing oil on me. The oil pours out onto my head and runs down onto my shoulders, then until my whole body is covered in oil. Then I hear the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit say in unison, “New Anointing, New Revelation, New Authority, New Power and New Strength are now upon you. "
Then They placed Their hands on me and I feel tremendous love and power flowing through me. I also realize at this moment that the garment of Praise, I wear under the Armor of God, begins to melt through my skin and I feel praise flowing inside of me. The armor of God is also transforming. It is changing from silver to gold. It is also becomes part of me, it is no longer separate from me, but is now becoming my skin and reflecting the Glory of God. After what seems like hours, I am able to stand. The Lord then speaks and says, “GO FORTH IN VICTORY.” With that I find myself back into the camp of the Army of God. And boy, had everything changed.
Even how asI type this I feel the change within me.