Monday, June 27, 2011

The New Adventure Part 12 (The Mountians of Refreshing Part 3 )

The Mountains of Refreshing Part 3

By Richard Spangler

   Someone from behind me says, “It is the Fountain of Healing.” I turn around and I am surprised to who is talking to me. “I am Brother Reinhard”the man says. “I know, you are the…”he stops me in mid-sentence, “Those things are not important here. What is, it is your relationship with the Father. Learn all you can, spend as much time with him as you can.

  As I said, this is the mountain of Healing, many people come here and receive healing from the Lord, but they don’t go beyond this fountain. I come here often, but there is so much more. There are other valleys and other fountains and then there are the Mountains of God, where the manifest Presence of God flows and where you meet with the Father.

    I urge you to explore all that God is and develop a deeper relationship with Him. It is in relationship with Him, that you can understand who you truly are and what He is calling you to do.” I say, “I know, I have learned so much already.” Reinhard says, “This is true, but there is so much more. Don’t get satisfied where you are. Go beyond where you are, God wants you to know Him more. He also, has more for you than you imagine.


I must go now, I have work to do.” I thanked him for the words of encouragement and I asked, “Will I see you again?” Brother Reinhard says, “Perhaps” gives me a wave of his hand and walks away and vanished.

   I walk around the Fountain of Healing and there is a path, which I start down. I notice, immediately that this is not near as wide as the one leading to the Fountain of Healing. The path goes up a number of hills and crosses several streams. The fruit trees begin to change from those that surrounded the Fountain of Healing to another type of tree. These new type of trees are even more beautiful and their fruit is larger and taste absolutely amazing.

    I come to a clearing and come to a complete stop in awe of what I see. There before me is a beautiful fountain, at least twice the size of the Fountain of Healing and the water in it seems to glow with the power of God. I also, notice, there are far fewer people around this fountain, than around the Fountain of Healing. I begin to walk towards the fountain.


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Friday, June 24, 2011

The adventure Part 11 (The Mountains of Refreshing Part 2)

The Mountains of Refreshing   Part 2

By Richard Spangler

As I come down the side of the mountain, I began to realize that the valley is far larger than I believed. It seems to stretch for 100’s of miles in every direction. It is absolutely beautiful, with streams flowing throughout and fruit trees everywhere. As I walk down the path, I come across one of the streams; I dip my hand into the water and take a drink. The water is refreshing, but the Power of God nearly knocks me down. I hear laughter from behind me, I turn around there stands my friend Gene, laughing and saying, “You should know better than to drink from a stream in the these high places unprepared, for these streams flow from the fountains of the Father and the water in them is directly from the throne of the Father and power in the water is pure power of God.”  We both laugh and embrace and head down the path together, talking about the things of God and wonders we have seen. Then, we come to a fork in the path, I feel the Spirit urging me down one of the paths but Gene feels the urging to go down the other. So we agree to go our separate ways and to meet at the roundtable on earth.


 I come around a bend, there before me is a large fountain. The fountain is as tall as the Empire State Building and the circumference is equal to its height. All around its edge are fruit trees, all bearing the same type of fruit. There are also thousands and thousands of people around the fountain and even  more© thousands coming and going. Someone from behind me says, “It is the Fountain of Healing.” I turn around and I am surprised to who is talking to me.   


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The New Adventure Part 10 (The Mountians of Refreshing)

The Mountains of Refreshing

By Richard Spangler

  Jesus and I turn and start walking away from the edge of the mountain. The beauty of this place is overwhelming. There are flowers and trees everywhere, yet there is a perfect order in this place adding to its beauty.

  We are walking beside the river, that flows clean and clear. The trees are all fruit bearing, it is absolutely amazing. The air itself is alive with the Spirit of God. As we round a bend, the land unfolds before me. The view is wonderful and interesting. Off in the distance are high mountains that rise up into the Glory Cloud of the Father’s presence and disappear into it. The mountains are dotted with various buildings, some look like beautiful homes, others look like governmental buildings and still others look like storehouses of some type. All of these buildings are beautiful, having the glow of the Glory of God and even from this distance they are massive.

 Then from time to time, the Glory Cloud of God’s presence would roll down the mountain like a tidal wave, covering everything in its presence. Then, it would roll back up the mountain. When the glory rolled back up the mountain, everything on it glowed brighter than a summer sun at noon and I have to shield my eyes from the brightness.

   Then I look out to valley, stretching out before me. To my amazement there are 1000’s and 1000’s of people, going and coming (as I witnessed before in the Throne Room of God, coming and going, is appearing and disappearing). At seeing this, I think, I thought this was to be a place of refreshing. Jesus begins to speak, “This is a place a place of refreshing. On earth, man thinks that refreshing and rest is doing nothing for extended periods of time. Yet, they are less rested and refreshed after these times. Have you not experienced this?” I answered, “Yes.” Jesus continues, “Here refreshing comes from doing the Will of God.

 You have also experienced this when you ministered to my people. After hours of ministry, have you not felt more energized and refreshed than when you started.” I just nodded in agreement. The lord continued, “This happens as the Spirit of God flows through you and out to my people.   
  The Spirit of God is life itself and as the Spirit flows through you, the Spirit deposits life in you. This is something that my people must learn when you minister out of your strength and spirit, it is life draining and wears you out, but when you allow the Spirit of God to minister out of you, the Spirit will refresh and give life to you as well as those who you minister to. Remember, I am the vine, you are the branches, when you are connected to me there is life.

You may explore as much of the mountains and the valleys of refreshing as you like. Enjoy what I have prepared for you.” And with that Jesus was gone. I stand there in awe and wonder for the longest time, and then I begin to move forward into the Valley of Refreshing between the Mountains of Refreshing.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

From CBN NEWS:David Wilkerson's Wife Still Recovering After Crash

Rev. David Wilkerson's wife, Gwen Wilkerson, is making good progress at a skilled nursing facility, more than a month after surviving a car crash that killed her husband.
An update on the World Challenge website Monday said the orthopaedic surgeon working with Gwen is "very happy" with her recovery thus far. The family has continued to ask for prayer.
"The incredible outpouring of cards, calls, letters, emails (and) blogs on behalf of Gwen is so deeply heartwarming. The Wilkerson family thanks you," the June 13 post said.
Rev. Wilkerson and his wife were involved in a head-on collision with a tractor trailer April 27 in Texas. Pastor Wilkerson was pronounced dead on the scene.
After the crash, Gwen stayed in the intensive care unit of a local hospital until May 12. She underwent surgery to repair a broken hip during that time.
Gwen's son Gary urged prayer for her physical and emotional strength.
Earlier this month, Mrs. Wilkerson was released from an acute rehab center and placed in the current facility.
A May 25 update from the family revealed she was "doing very well overall" but asked for continued prayer.
David Wilkerson was laid to rest in Tyler, Texas, May 2. A public memorial was held for him May 14. He is survived by his wife, four children, and 11 grandchildren.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Transformational Experinces has run my devotion Transformational Experinces again today, here is the link: Enjoy and has always comments are welcome.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Planned Prayer Events Riles Critics

This Article is from Foxnews.


Perry's Planned Prayer Event Riles Critics

Published June 07, 2011
Texas Gov. Rick Perry's latest call for a day of prayer is being met by a chorus of boos from critics who say the potential presidential candidate is showing favoritism toward Christianity and violating the separation of church and state.
Perry has ordered a day of prayer and fasting on Aug. 6 to “seek God’s guidance and wisdom in addressing the challenges that face our communities, states and nation." It is part of what is being described as a non-denominational, apolitical, Christian prayer meeting hosted by the American Family Association at Reliant Stadium in Houston.
Perry will participate in the all-day event that encourages people to bring a Bible and a notebook. Perry has invited every governor in the country to attend, and he is urging them to issue similar proclamations.
"Given the trials that beset our nation and world, from the global economic downturn to natural disasters, the lingering danger of terrorism and continued debasement of our culture, I believe it is time to convene the leaders from each of our United States in a day of prayer and fasting, like that described in the book of Joel," he said in a written statement.
"I urge all Americans of faith to pray on that day for the healing of our country, the rebuilding of our communities and the restoration of enduring values as our guiding force," he said.
But the Secular Coalition for America, the national lobby for secular and nontheistic Americans, has called on all elected officials to reject Perry's invitation, saying the event favors Christianity over other religions and beliefs.
"The last thing our officials should do in times of national struggle is promote a divisive religious event that proposes no real solutions to our country's real-world problems," said Sean Faircloth, executive director of the organization.
"Calling upon all Americans to embrace Perry's personal belief system is an insult to the millions of upstanding citizens who practice religions other than evangelical Christianity, as well as the millions of secular Americans who contribute to society without pushing their views on others," he said. "Religion should be a private matter, especially for elected officials in a secular government."
The Rev. Welton Gaddy, president of Interfaith Alliance, said Perry's call "raises serious concerns about his commitment to the boundaries between religion and government."
"It has been my experience that when elected leaders invoke religion in this way, it almost always has more to do with furthering a political agenda than a religious one," he said.
Perry's office brushed off the criticism.
"The governor has made it clear that this is a nondenominational, apolitical event. It is a Christian event and there are many Americans that believe this to be an important issue – Americans of all faiths," Perry spokeswoman Catherine Frazier told "And the governor believes in the power for prayer and believes it is important that we as a nation join together and pray for wisdom and guidance in finding solutions to the problems that we face."
Frazier added that no taxpayer money is being used to sponsor the event.
It’s not the first time Perry has sanctioned a day of prayer in the state. In April, he called on all Texans to pray for rain for three days as the most of the state battled an extreme drought that led to massive wildfires that scorched more than a million acres this year, claimed the lives of two firefighters and destroyed nearly 400 homes.
He also joined three other Gulf Coast state governors – Bobby Jindal in Louisiana, Haley Barbour in Mississippi and Bob Riley in Alabama– last year for a day of prayer more than two months after the BP oil spill.
All that praying has infuriated supporters of religious freedom, who say that his calls for Jesus’ help go beyond what is acceptable.
So far, though, not every governor is listening to the criticism. Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback plans to attend the August event, and three governors – Rick Scott in Florida, Nikki Haley in South Carolina and Christine Gregoire in Washington – will declare Aug. 6 a day of prayer in their states, Frazier said.
The Texas Democratic Party slammed Perry's motives.
"Gov. Perry is the last person who should be talking about what's right for our country," spokeswoman Kirsten Gray said in a written statement. "When campaigning, he claims he will fully fund our schools, protect the elderly and balance the budget, but the ... state GOP budget broke every one of those promises. A budget is a moral document about our priorities, but it's obvious the governor is a shameless opportunist whose real priority is whatever furthers his own career ambitions."
Frazier countered that Perry "is proud of what Texas has done to balance its budget without raising taxes."
"Voters made it clear in November what they want their elected officials to do and they made it clear they want the government living within its means," she said, adding that the governor has funded "necessary programs."
"That priority is what keeps Texas creating jobs and keeps our economy strong to provide opportunities for citizens," she said.

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 I for stand with Gov. Perry and will joint with him on August 6 praying for this nation, repenting for my personal sins and the sins of this nation, asking for God's forgiveness, wisdom and guidance. I call upon every believer in this nation to joint us in prayer. I also call upon believers in other nations to do the same for their nations.
  I also ask the Governor of Virginia Bob McDonald to support Gov.Perry and declare the same for Virginia on August 6,2011.

Monday, June 6, 2011

The New Adventure Part 9 (The Land of Closed Gates Part 4)

 I am coming into the next oasis. This one is different than the other oases. The buildings and the streets are well kept. It is a simple place, almost like those small towns in 1950’s American television. It looks too good to be true. The people are very friendly and are willing to talk with you.
  I began to talk with a middle-aged man about Jesus. He quickly cut me off and said, “We don’t talk about Jesus.” I asked him, “Why not?” He said, “We don’t want to offend anyone.” This happened again and again, every time at mentioned Jesus or the Power of the Holy Spirit. They would say please don’t mention that, because it might cause trouble and they didn’t want any trouble or to offend anyone. Others firmly asked me, to leave their town before I caused trouble. This is truly an Oasis of Denial. Everyone there new about God but, denied Him and His power, so as not to offend anyone. I left this oasis with a great sadness in my heart for the people living under this deception.
   I continued down the trail and as was my custom I ate and drank as I went. It was only a few hours and I was entering the next oasis. There were lots of people moving about and there was a lot needing to be done. Some of the buildings were half finished, and others needing repair. There were weeds everywhere and the fruit trees were in a word, a mess.

 I talked with many of the people, they all knew what needed to be done but, all said, “Someone else would do it.” There was a complete lack of responsibility.  No one would even take the responsibility to pick up a piece of paper, because someone else would do it. This was true in spiritual matters as well. It was, someone else will witness, someone will pray and someone else will study the Word of God. I was glad to leave this Oasis of Irresponsibility behind, but I was very sad for the people there.
  As I left the oasis, I noticed a strange darkness on the horizon. As I moved down the road, the darkness grew larger. I stopped and ate and drink from my provisions, I sensed that I would need all my strength. I moved into the darkness and it hours to reach the oasis. As I entered the oasis, the darkness became greater and heavier on me. Most of the people moved away from me when I approached them. The fear in this place is so strong you can almost taste it. The few people I could talk with all had various fears and hopelessness. There was the fear of rejection, fear of destruction, fear of the devil, fear of failure and even the fear of success. This is the largest of the oases. The closer I get to the center of the oasis, the more fear presses down on me. I drink more of the water and eat more of the fruit I have with me and I am strengthen.
  The darkness of fear is pressing in from all sides. The darkness is so close that I can only see a foot or less in front of me. Yet, I continue to push forward. My strength is fading fast. Then I heard a voice saying, “You are not going to make it.” I had heard that the same voice in 2007, saying the same thing when I was about to have quadruple by-pass surgery. It was wrong then and I determined it would be wrong now.
  Then, I heard a voice from deep within my spirit, “Turn the Robe inside out.” I immediately stopped and turned the robe inside out. The loin on the robe begins to glow; I feel the fire and the power of the Holy Spirit in me (I did not realize how weak I had become). I bring the Shield of the Faith in front of me and it also begins to glow.   I pull out the Sword of the Spirit and it lights up like a torch. With all the light around me I can see the gate leading out of the oasis. I move down the road until I am well clear of the darkness. I kneel down and praise the Lord for getting me out of the Oasis of fear. Then, I prayed for those trapped there and in all the oases of deception.
  After prayer, I realize it is still daylight, which was surprising to me, I felt I had been in the Oasis of Fear a long time. I continued down the trail. The mountains were now close and trail moved into the mountains. The walls of the mountains now towered on each side of the trail. Suddenly, the trail ends and before me is a thick forest.
 I knew I could not go back, so I pressed forward into the forest.  I pull out the Sword of the Spirit and it seems the trees separate. I pull the sword away the trees seem to close together. I pull out the sword and move forward. As I move forward the trees are moving apart in front of me, I look behind me and the trees have closed behind me. Moving forward again, I hear the sound of a mighty waterfall. I step into a clearing and there is the waterfall. It is beautiful and stretches skyward until it disappears in the clouds. There is a lagoon and the water is crystal clear. The other end of the lagoon there appears to be a river flowing out of it. There is life everywhere.
    I sit on a rock and watch this beautiful and refreshing scene. I decide to move over to the waterfall. The spray is wonderful, it is then I decide to step in to the waterfall. An amazing thing happens, I begin to rise upwards. The water under me is forcing me upwards, the water above me parts as I rise. The water around me continues downward with tremendous force.
   As I look outwards, I see the entire Land of Closed Gates and over to my right I can see the River of the Spirit and the beauty of the land around it. Soon I am passing through the clouds and finally I reach the top of the mountain.  I step over onto the land, I look up and there stands Jesus smiling. Jesus says, “Welcome to the Mountains of Refreshing.”