Friday, June 24, 2011

The adventure Part 11 (The Mountains of Refreshing Part 2)

The Mountains of Refreshing   Part 2

By Richard Spangler

As I come down the side of the mountain, I began to realize that the valley is far larger than I believed. It seems to stretch for 100’s of miles in every direction. It is absolutely beautiful, with streams flowing throughout and fruit trees everywhere. As I walk down the path, I come across one of the streams; I dip my hand into the water and take a drink. The water is refreshing, but the Power of God nearly knocks me down. I hear laughter from behind me, I turn around there stands my friend Gene, laughing and saying, “You should know better than to drink from a stream in the these high places unprepared, for these streams flow from the fountains of the Father and the water in them is directly from the throne of the Father and power in the water is pure power of God.”  We both laugh and embrace and head down the path together, talking about the things of God and wonders we have seen. Then, we come to a fork in the path, I feel the Spirit urging me down one of the paths but Gene feels the urging to go down the other. So we agree to go our separate ways and to meet at the roundtable on earth.


 I come around a bend, there before me is a large fountain. The fountain is as tall as the Empire State Building and the circumference is equal to its height. All around its edge are fruit trees, all bearing the same type of fruit. There are also thousands and thousands of people around the fountain and even  more© thousands coming and going. Someone from behind me says, “It is the Fountain of Healing.” I turn around and I am surprised to who is talking to me.