Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The New Adventure Part 10 (The Mountians of Refreshing)

The Mountains of Refreshing

By Richard Spangler

  Jesus and I turn and start walking away from the edge of the mountain. The beauty of this place is overwhelming. There are flowers and trees everywhere, yet there is a perfect order in this place adding to its beauty.

  We are walking beside the river, that flows clean and clear. The trees are all fruit bearing, it is absolutely amazing. The air itself is alive with the Spirit of God. As we round a bend, the land unfolds before me. The view is wonderful and interesting. Off in the distance are high mountains that rise up into the Glory Cloud of the Father’s presence and disappear into it. The mountains are dotted with various buildings, some look like beautiful homes, others look like governmental buildings and still others look like storehouses of some type. All of these buildings are beautiful, having the glow of the Glory of God and even from this distance they are massive.

 Then from time to time, the Glory Cloud of God’s presence would roll down the mountain like a tidal wave, covering everything in its presence. Then, it would roll back up the mountain. When the glory rolled back up the mountain, everything on it glowed brighter than a summer sun at noon and I have to shield my eyes from the brightness.

   Then I look out to valley, stretching out before me. To my amazement there are 1000’s and 1000’s of people, going and coming (as I witnessed before in the Throne Room of God, coming and going, is appearing and disappearing). At seeing this, I think, I thought this was to be a place of refreshing. Jesus begins to speak, “This is a place a place of refreshing. On earth, man thinks that refreshing and rest is doing nothing for extended periods of time. Yet, they are less rested and refreshed after these times. Have you not experienced this?” I answered, “Yes.” Jesus continues, “Here refreshing comes from doing the Will of God.

 You have also experienced this when you ministered to my people. After hours of ministry, have you not felt more energized and refreshed than when you started.” I just nodded in agreement. The lord continued, “This happens as the Spirit of God flows through you and out to my people.   
  The Spirit of God is life itself and as the Spirit flows through you, the Spirit deposits life in you. This is something that my people must learn when you minister out of your strength and spirit, it is life draining and wears you out, but when you allow the Spirit of God to minister out of you, the Spirit will refresh and give life to you as well as those who you minister to. Remember, I am the vine, you are the branches, when you are connected to me there is life.

You may explore as much of the mountains and the valleys of refreshing as you like. Enjoy what I have prepared for you.” And with that Jesus was gone. I stand there in awe and wonder for the longest time, and then I begin to move forward into the Valley of Refreshing between the Mountains of Refreshing.