Monday, June 27, 2011

The New Adventure Part 12 (The Mountians of Refreshing Part 3 )

The Mountains of Refreshing Part 3

By Richard Spangler

   Someone from behind me says, “It is the Fountain of Healing.” I turn around and I am surprised to who is talking to me. “I am Brother Reinhard”the man says. “I know, you are the…”he stops me in mid-sentence, “Those things are not important here. What is, it is your relationship with the Father. Learn all you can, spend as much time with him as you can.

  As I said, this is the mountain of Healing, many people come here and receive healing from the Lord, but they don’t go beyond this fountain. I come here often, but there is so much more. There are other valleys and other fountains and then there are the Mountains of God, where the manifest Presence of God flows and where you meet with the Father.

    I urge you to explore all that God is and develop a deeper relationship with Him. It is in relationship with Him, that you can understand who you truly are and what He is calling you to do.” I say, “I know, I have learned so much already.” Reinhard says, “This is true, but there is so much more. Don’t get satisfied where you are. Go beyond where you are, God wants you to know Him more. He also, has more for you than you imagine.


I must go now, I have work to do.” I thanked him for the words of encouragement and I asked, “Will I see you again?” Brother Reinhard says, “Perhaps” gives me a wave of his hand and walks away and vanished.

   I walk around the Fountain of Healing and there is a path, which I start down. I notice, immediately that this is not near as wide as the one leading to the Fountain of Healing. The path goes up a number of hills and crosses several streams. The fruit trees begin to change from those that surrounded the Fountain of Healing to another type of tree. These new type of trees are even more beautiful and their fruit is larger and taste absolutely amazing.

    I come to a clearing and come to a complete stop in awe of what I see. There before me is a beautiful fountain, at least twice the size of the Fountain of Healing and the water in it seems to glow with the power of God. I also, notice, there are far fewer people around this fountain, than around the Fountain of Healing. I begin to walk towards the fountain.


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