Monday, August 27, 2012

Forgive, How Much?

By Richard Spangler


 People ask, “How many times must I forgive this person?” Or, “I can’t forgive what they did to me.”  And, “I want God to judge this person.” These same people have financial and other troubles, wondering why God is not blessing them. Some also have relationship issues with their family and others.

I have personally dealt with people that were hard to forgive. Once I was given the responsibility of running a shop and yard crew for the water department. I worked with men, most of whom were much older than myself.

There was this guy I will call Frank, who would ride my case from the time I walked in the gate until I left. Frank would curse constantly, put open men’s magazines on my desk, and relocate my Bible and my lunch.

There were times I felt like getting revenge on him, but I didn’t. I continued to pray for him, asking God to save him, and to help me forgive him. This situation continued for months. 

Then one day, Frank came into my office. I feared the worse, but to my surprise, he broke down. Frank’s life was a mess and he needed someone to talk to. He asked me to forgive him. I told him I already had and was willing to listen and help.

After that, a good working relationship developed. Frank would still slip up with the language, but would quickly ask my forgiveness. This was my first lesson in forgiving someone who continually sinned against me, so I understand how difficult forgiving can be.  The question arises, how much to forgive someone? We can thank the Apostle Peter for the answer.

Then Peter came to Him and said, Lord, how often shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? Up to seven times? Jesus said to him, I do not say to you, up to seven times, but up to seventy times seven” (Matthew 18:21-22 NKJV).

If we analyze these figures, it is amazing. Jesus says to forgive 70 times 7, which is 490 times a day! Then when you divide 490 by 24 hours in a day it means 20.4 times an hour. Then you divide 60 minutes in hour by 20.4 and you get 2.9 minutes. So we are to forgive someone who sins against us every 2.9 minutes!

This is a lifestyle of forgiveness. It does not matter what someone does to you or how many times they may sin against you, you are to forgive. It is almost impossible for someone to reach this volume of sinning against another. If you’re counting, are you really forgiving?

But, what about if they are breaking the law, you may ask? If they break a law of man they still have to pay the consequences and if they haven’t accepted Jesus as their Savior and Lord, then they are under the judgment of God’s law, so we must leave the judging to Him.

Forgiveness is for you, not them. Unforgiveness blocks our relationship with God and leads to bitterness. Both unforgiveness and bitterness not only take their toll on you spiritually but also physically, opening the door to sickness and death. They also poison every relationship you have.

Unforgiveness also affects the blessings you receive from God.

“Therefore be merciful, just as your Father also is merciful. Judge not, and you shall not be judged. Condemn not, and you shall not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven. Give and it will be given to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will be put into your bosom. For with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you” (Luke 6:32-38 NKJV).

What caught my attention is that most of this scripture deals with our relationship with others, then comes this one statement by Jesus on giving at the end. We are to love our enemies. We are to forgive unconditionally. We are to show mercy as God has shown mercy to us. Don’t condemn or judge and finally, forgive. Forgiveness jumps out as the key to the other blessings.

So forgive, for your own sake. Then, you will have an open, unhindered relationship with God and others. When you pray for the blessings of God, they will flow to you in a far greater way than you can imagine. 


Monday, August 20, 2012

The Devil Is In the Details: What is the True Unemployment Number?

The Devil Is In the Details: What is the True Unemployment Number?: What is the definition of "U-6 Unemployment Rate"? The unemployment number that is most often used in the media (and by the government...

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Who is Obed-Edom?

                            By Richard L Spangler

Who is Obed-Edom? Why be like him? His choices and his life led to blessings for himself and his family. Let us, together, learn who Obed-Edom was and about his life.     
Obed-Edom is first mentioned in the Bible, just after the death of Uzzah for touching the Ark of God. This happened during King David’s first attempt to move the Ark to Jerusalem. The Ark of God was placed in the home of Obed-Edom. He must have been a man of faith to allow something in his home; just after God had killed someone for touching it (this broke one of the commands of the Lord concerning the Ark). The ark of God remained with Obed-Edom for three months, and the Lord blessed his household and everything he owned.     
When it came time to move the Ark to Jerusalem, (this time correctly) Obed-Edom had a choice. He could have stayed where he was and lived off of his past relationship with God or move with the Ark of God, staying in God’s presence and in relationship with God. 
  Obed-Edom had a desire for the Lord and moved with God. His desire for the Lord caused him to do whatever it took to be close to the Lord. He became a gatekeeper, a musician, and a doorkeeper for the Ark. Due to Obed-Edom’s desire and love for the Lord and his faithfulness, God begins again to bless him and promote him. Obed-Edom becomes a worship leader and is mentioned along with Aspah the Chief Musician. Obed-Edom and his 68 associates minister regularly before the Lord in worship. Yet, he still continues to keep the gates.     
Obed-Edom is not only blessed in ministry and relationship with the Lord, his family is also blessed. God gives him eight sons, his poor wife raising a football team. His sons and grandsons also worshiped the Lord and were blessed by the Lord. They were all leaders, capable men, with strength to do the work. There were 62 men in all. Obed-Edom along with his other duties was put in charge of the Southgate and his sons were keepers of the storehouse.     
  Obed-Edom by his faith, attitude, and actions created a legacy of faith, and relationship with the Lord. The Lord was faithful back to Obed-Edom establishing a legacy of generational blessings.    
 Obed-Edom had to pack up and physically move to stay in the presence of God. His desire for a relationship with God established a relationship not only for himself but also for his children and grandchildren. This relationship also established generational blessings from God for his family.     
  Today, we don’t have to travel to a specific place to know the presence of the Lord or to have a relationship with the Lord. We, as believers all have the Holy Spirit within us. But, it is up to each of us to stir up the desire to seek out our own relationship with God, Our Father. The Father desires for us to have a relationship with him. He waits patiently for His sons and daughters to seek him out and have an individual relationship with Him.      
We can have this relationship with the Father by first, hungering and thirsting after righteousness, we will be filled (Mt. 5:6). We must work to keep our hearts pure and we will see God. We must seek first the Kingdom of God and Its righteousness (Mt. 6:37).      
  Our Father is crying out by His Spirit within us, for each of us to stir up our desire for Him. He wants us to be passionate for Him, to get hungry and thirsty for Him. When you are hungry and thirsty for something, you do what it takes to be satisfied.    
    The first step is to keep a pure heart… Unconfessed sin is a relationship and a blessing stopper with God. Keep short accounts with the Lord by following 1 John 1:9 and by keeping short accounts with others. No choice here. If you have done wrong, go to the person, confess it, ask for forgiveness and make it right. If you know some one has something against you, go to them, and don’t wait for them to come to you. Make it right. Be careful what you watch on T.V., listen to the radio, and what comes in over the Internet, enough said.     
 Second, study the Word of God, and mediate on it daily. Mediation is not mystical or hard. If you can worry, you can mediate. We all do a great job worrying. We take an issue and keep thinking the worst that can happen over and over again. Mediation is thinking about a particular scripture or the goodness of God, over and over again. This is simple but it works, and the more you do it the easier it gets. Putting on worship music helps with mediation and will bring the Presence of God.  
   A third step is just relax and rest in the Presence of God. We think that we must be doing something all the time for God. Relaxing and resting in God’s Presence is extremely important. It is in these times that we can clearly hear from the Lord. A Web site that can help with this     
   Finally, get up and get moving. Get involved in your church and/or your community. Obed-Edom did not wait for the Lord to tell him to do something, he just did it. He waited on the Lord by doing. You will find as you are doing the work of the ministry, God will give you direction in what to do.     
  So be an Obed-Edom, have a desire for God. Keep your heart pure. Study and mediate on the Lord, and relax and rest in God’s presence. Get up and get involved. By doing these things, you will have a relationship with God, and He will bless you and your family and create blessings for you and generational blessings for your family.
Scripture References for Obed-Edom: 1 Chronicles Chapters 13:12-14, 15:18, 21, 24, 16:38, 26:4-6, 12-15.
                                        ©COPYRIGHT 2009 RICHARD SPANGLER

Monday, August 13, 2012

Ministering Mountains of Refreshing and the Ocean of Peace

This occurred on Sunday night. The Lord caught us up and took us to the Mountians of Refreshing and the Ocean of His Peace Tidewater Area Christain Fellowship 81112 630pm
If you want more on this check out ADVENTURES IN THE SPIRIT A Series of Prophetic Visions

Monday, August 6, 2012

An Adventure in the Spirit in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania


By Richard L Spangler
    My wife Dorthy is on the broad of Lions Heart Ministries in Virginia Beach, Virginia led by our good friend Pastor Linda Salzman. Dorthy is also part of the worship team for this ministry. The worship team had been invited to be on a local TV show Family –Life Sunday Night on the Family Life TV station ( ) in Kittanning, Pennsylvania, just outside of Pittsburgh on Sunday night July 29, 2012.

    Dorthy wanted me go along and help with the driving and anything else that might come up. I thought this was a great idea and we made plans to go. I got excited about seeing Pittsburgh, especially Three Rivers Stadium (Heinz Field). This was strange since I am a Washington Redskins fan and the Steelers rate almost as low as the Dallas Cowboys on my favorite teams list. I mentioned the idea of going to the stadium to Pastor Linda and she thought it was a good idea also (this was equally strange, since Pastor Linda is not interested in football at all).
   The week before we are to leave the other Associate Pastor of my church (Tidewater Area Christian Fellowship ) had a death in his family and had to go out of town the same weekend. I was prepared to stay home. But Dorthy got an insist in her spirit that she wanted me to go. We talked with our pastor, who also agreed that I should go. So I went with my wife and daughter and team.

   We drove up on Saturday and decided to go into Pittsburgh on Sunday, as we did not have to be at the TV station until 7:30 pm for the 9 pm show. I was getting ready excited about going to the stadium and did not know why until we crossed the Pittsburgh City limits, then the anointing of the Holy Spirit fell and I knew why I was there. So after lunch, the whole team went to Three Rivers Stadium (Heinz Field). We had a great time taking pictures of everyone. Then as I turned to look towards the city the Lord had me to declare this:

       Lord says, “Dry Bones Live!!! The Fire of the Holy Spirit come into these bones and they are to live. Then a strong and powerful body will arise in this region, more powerful than anything that has been here before. This body (the church) will transform this region. The power and the anointing will be so strong that it will flow down these three rivers to the gulf. Dry Bones Live!!! 

 When I finished, I asked Pastor Linda if she had anything to add, she said, “You’ve said it all.”

 With that done, we went back to Kittanning. That night, the power of God fell on the TV show as the worship ministered to the Lord and to those watching. It was a great time in Jesus.

   In walking with the Lord I am always amazed I how He leads us. I have many experiences, like this one in my life both in this earthly realm and in the spirit realm. Dorthy, says, “It’s not safe to take you anywhere.”  Guess that is true, considering it wasn’t safe to take me Pittsburgh.

  Please check out my book, to read about some of my adventures in the spirit realm.

                               ©COPYRIGHT 2012 RICHARD SPANGLER