Friday, November 11, 2016

Press Forward to Victory

by Richard L Spangler

   The following is an exert from my book Adventures in the Spirit A Series of Prophetic Visions. This vison was given in late 2011 and published in 2012. I feel it has strong application for today.


Afterwards, I found myself back in camp of the Army of God. Orders begin to flow from my mouth and from the others who were in the war room. The shofars sound, the troops form up and we begin to march. We soon find ourselves, surrounding this huge stronghold of evil, the fortress of control and manipulation.           

  In the Heavenly War Room the stronghold looked impressive, but standing in front of it, it was massive. The stronghold stretched skyward for what seemed like a hundred miles and all we could see was its thick dark walls.

   There was also a thick cloud of darkness surrounding the stronghold and you could almost taste the evil in the atmosphere. If it were not for the fact, that God had ordained this stronghold to fall, its appearance could cause even the most faithful to spring back.

     We could hear the shouts from the evil forces inside the stronghold. There were tens of thousands of demons inside and they made a terrible noise. The demons screamed at us, “To give up, to drop your shields for this stronghold will never be destroyed.”

This screaming at us raises my faith, I remember that their leader, the devil, is a liar and the father of lies and the truth is not in him. The demons also are liars and cannot tell the truth. So, everything they scream at us is a lie. Suddenly, they unleash waves of fiery arrows at us, but our Shields of Faith absorbed every one of them.

  In unison, the shofars sound and we worship and praise our Lord and Father. At first nothing seems to be happening. The demons begin to laugh at us and mock us. Then an amazing thing happens, the walls of the stronghold begin to crack and the gates begin to dissolve.

  The scripture came to my mind, “the gates of hell shall not prevail against the church.” The demons stopped laughing and starting screaming at us again. This time they yelled for us to stop the attack, for we have already won. At the same time it came to me by the Holy Spirit, “press the attack until this stronghold is completely destroyed. This stronghold has been attacked many times but my people have stopped short of total victory. This is the time for total victory; do not stop until this is done.”

At this, I worshipped and praised God pressing in all the more. The others around me do the same. A great light suddenly breaks out of heaven, striking the stronghold.
The warrior angels poured forth and the stronghold is covered in light, and the light grows brighter and brighter. Until, out of the center of the stronghold an evil force emerged, screaming and streaking away, faster than any missile I have ever seen. The  light (the Glory of God) grew even brighter. I had to close my eyes, as we continued to worship. Finally the worship and praise settles down. I opened my eyes, the stronghold is gone. In its place, is a portal between heaven and earth (what some call an open heaven).

   The portal itself stretches skyward, higher than the stronghold that was there. It is also wider. The portal glows with the Glory of God. Its color is golden and there is a multitude of colors in it and radiating out of it. The Glory of God is flowing out of it onto the earth and angels are ascending and descending.

   Watching all of this, my mind begins to wonder. What was that force of evil that flew over us?

The Holy Spirit answers, “That was the principality of control and manipulation fleeing. Do not worry about him, his day is almost done and his judgment is coming soon.”   

  We all start worshipping and we hear the voice of the Lord saying, “I will take back what is mine, I will restore and I will renew, I will bring My Glory to every corner of the earth once again. No power or principality will be able to stop what I have ordained to do. This is the hour of victory and restoration for my people and the restoration of My Glory covering the earth, as the waters cover the sea.”

Many in the church have been praying for the evil that was hidden to be revealed and for the stronghold of evil in our government to be revealed. We have seen this in the recent in events in our nation and yes we have some victories.

  But, we must press the attack in the spirit realm, we must continue to war is prayer, worship  and actions until this stronghold is completely brought down. We cannot allow this thing to rebuild and become stronger after this partial victory. We must press the attack against this stronghold until we have complete victory for the glory of God and for the sake of our nation and the nations of the earth.  
  It is my prayer that you will joint me and others in continuing to press this attack through prayer and worship until we have complete victory over this stronghold and the power in it.