Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The New Adventure Part 8 (The Land of Closed Gates Part 3)

  As I move down the other side of the ridge, the Shield of Faith is still glowing. I come upon a cave and there is a light coming from inside. I enter the cave and there is an angel standing there. The angel says, “Welcome mighty warrior, highly favored of God. Come in and rest and eat.” This is a large cave there is a pool of water that is being fed by a stream of water coming out of the wall and food cooking on the fire. The angel speaks again, “Please, take your rest. I have been send to you, to refresh you and reward you for the good you have done. Come take off your robe and relax. Enjoy what I have prepared for you, mighty man of God.”

  As I begin to sit down, I take a quick glance into the Shield of Faith. The refection of the angel is shown and it is no angel.  It is a demon, its true nature revealed by faith. In one swift move, I draw the Sword of the Spirit and pin the demon to the wall with the tip of the sword at its throat. “I command you to reveal who really are.” Immediately, the light fades away and before me stands a creature of darkness. I can see the hate in his eyes and the absolute contempt for me on his face. He dares not move, for the sword still has him pinned and I now have the Shield of Faith between us. I speak again, “Who are you? What is your name?” The demon begins to speak, “I am…” I quickly can tell he is going to try to lie. I press the sword a little harder against his throat and say, “The truth.”

The demon says, “I am one of the spirits of false acceptance and this is my oasis,” Then I say, “You were sent here to deceive me and keep me in this cave.” It answered, “yes.” I say, “This is going to cost you. I command you to go where Jesus would send you.” With that command the demon vanishes. I kick over the food. Then I reach for one of my canteens and pour the water from the River of the Spirit of God into the pool of false acceptance. The ground begins to quake, the rocks in the ceiling begin to fall. I quickly, run out of the cave. The cave collapses into a pile of rubble and dust.

  I realize the dawn has come and as the sun rises, I see a large portion of the mountain, all the way up to the ridge, has collapsed. I move clear of the dust and rubble and take time to refresh myself with water from the river and the fruit from my bag.

  I climb down the mountain and get back on the trail and quickly move away from the mountain. I stop to catch my breathe, when I hear a rumble and then an explosion. I look back and see the whole mountain is on fire and lava was pouring down its sides. It was going to be a very long time before that place could be used for deception again.

     As I walk away, I begin to mediate on all the recent events of this journey. The oases of indifference, procrastination, wealth and false acceptance, I realized were deceptions that I had in my life at some point. I drop to my knees, crying out in repentance. I ask Jesus to forgive me and to wash me and restore righteousness to me.

  As I was praying, a cloud appeared in the clear sky and the rain began to fall. It was as refreshing as a spring rain. It washed off all the dirt and grime from where I had been. I immediately begin to praise the Lord for His Love, Forgiveness and Refreshing. Even the earth around me benefited from the shower. All around me there were beautiful flowers. I knew I could not stay there long. I ate and drank and with a new determination, I set out for my  next destination.    



Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Is Anyone Calling Out to God?

Serve tornadoes outbreaks across the country including, F5 tornadoes in Alabama and Missouri, Flood waters rising along the Mississippi, massive wildfires in Texas and drought conditions in other parts of the country is anyone crying out to God? The question needs to be asked. If we were in biblical times we would already be in sackcloth and ashes crying out to God for forgiveness and mercy.
  There are a few voices that are crying out to God and calling the nation to repentance. Those voices are put down and ridiculed in our press, by our government, and by the intellectuals of our day. There are those who say,"these are just natural events." There are those who say,"It is the judgement of God" and there are those who say, "We are under God's grace and a loving God does not do these things today."I disagree with these positions.
  First of all, I agree these are natural events, but they are all happening in our country and all at the same time. I don't believe these are part of God's judgement that is to come, these are  warnings of the judgement to come. It is God's grace that warns us of what coming if we don't change our ways (repent). Throughout the Bible, God gave people opportunities to repent, from Noah who preached warnings of God's coming judgement while building the ark to Jesus Christ called people to repent of their sins and follow God's way. God always gives us a choice to choose life (His way) or choose death (keep going the way we are going) and Judgement. God does not want anyone to perish but all to come to repentance (2 Peter 3:9). The choice is ours to make.
  We as God's people need to cry out  in repentance for our personal and national sins then God will forgive and heal our land according to 2 Chronicles Chapter 6. We must cry out to God. We must call out to God. I hope you will join me as I cry to God.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

PropheticVision:The New Adventure Part 7 (The Land of Closed Gates Pt 2)

     I woke up to the sun shining into the cave. I prepare for the day's walk. I eat some more fruit and drink some refreshing water. I feel resurgence of God’s Spirit in my spirit and a renewed strength flowing into my body.

  I step out of the cave and feel a strong wind against my body and the dust pelting my face. I quickly retreat back into the cave. I pull out a robe out of my supply sack. I remember the Master giving it to me as we neared the Land of the Closed Gates. Jesus said, “You will need this robe from time to time. Keep it with you at all times.” I took the robe from Jesus and thanked Him for it and put it carefully in my supply sack.

  The robe was plain looking on the outside, but the lining was beautiful. It has a tapestry of red, royal blue, sliver, and gold threads. It was woven into a beautiful and powerful roaring lion with fire coming out of the mouth. I put it on and it fits perfectly with a belt to close the robe when I wrap it close, it has a hood and even an attached scarf to wrap around my face. I get a mental picture of myself and laugh out loud. I look like a medieval monk or someone out of a Lawrence of Arabia movie

  As I leave the cave the wind is still blowing strong. I am walking at a brisk pace with the sure footedness of the Holy Spirit leading me. After traveling most of the day, I come to the top of a small ridge and see the oasis off in the distance. I realize it is too far for me to reach before night fall and I would be spending the night on the road. After several more hours on the road (path), I come to a bridge that is crossing a gorge. I check out the underside of the bridge and fine it is a perfect place to spend the night. It is out of the wind and has wood lying around to build a fire. I shake out my robe and a lot of dust and dirt fall off it. I am very grateful to have the robe. I eat and drink, then I pull my robe over me and fall fast asleep.

  I wake up in the morning, and my body is telling me that sleeping on the ground is a young man’s game and I am not as young as I used to be. The wind is still blowing. I quickly eat and drink and my strength is restored. It amazes me how quickly I am energized by the water from the River of God and fruit that comes from it. I put my robe on and head out.

  As I draw near this oasis, I immediately notice this place is different. Even from a distance I can see it is not well kept. The paved road has potholes and ruts. The buildings could use painting and some repairs. Some even have broken windows. It looks like it has been that way for a long time.

  The people of the oasis are curious about me. They say, “We don’t get many robed travelers passing through.” I state, “I am traveling to a beautiful distance land.” They respond, “It sounds great. Maybe someday they will do the same.”It was the same when we talked about doing the good works of God that He had prepared for them to do. They made the same statement, “Maybe someday.” This is truly the Oasis of Procrastination. I am determined not to spend one night in this place.  I passed the Pool of Procrastination and evening was fast approaching and I quicken my pace out of the oasis.

  Night had fallen and I looked back towards to oasis. I noticed there seems even to be procrastination about turning on the lights. I kept moving well into the night, I was being urged forward by the Spirit of God. I finally come to a place, where there are a number of trees. There were leaves piled on the ground. I could move off the trail and be unseen by any passerby and the leaves would make a great bed. I thanked the Lord, for not having to sleep on the hard ground.

  The next morning I continue my journey. After a few hours of travel, I begin to hear sounds; soon I can hear clearly, it is the sound of music. I round a bend in the road there is the oasis. Unlike the other oasis this place is beautiful with lots of buildings gleaming in the sun. As I enter the oasis, the buildings were impressive and the streets were beautiful and clean. The sound of music was everywhere, but something was not right. Every person I met is well dressed and talks about the blessings of the Lord and how much money they made. The closer I move to the pool in the center of oasis, the less people talked about the Lord and the more they talked a wealth. There were some who questioned why I was wearing such a plain robe. I explained that I was traveling and robe suited that purpose. They said that I was wise, for they heard rumors that were robbers on the road.
  There were some who wanted to see what I was wearing under the robe. They had caught a glimpse of it and it looked beautiful. I untied the robe and let it fall open, revealing the Armor of God. They immediately began shouting at me, “You’re a radical, that I had come to stir up trouble,” “Why don’t you believe in the blessings of God”, “Why, are you here and to get out” and “I had come disrupt the peace.” I quickly sling the Shield of Faith in front of me, for these nice people began throwing things I me, including the fruit they were eating. I pull out the Sword of the Spirit, and then I realize these are people of God, they are deceived, but they are His. They all have been deceived by wealth and talk of prosperity.

 I quickly out distance the angry mob and make my way out of the oasis. Once, I was a safe distance away, I stopped to rest. It was then I noticed, the fruit they had thrown at me hit the Shield of Faith and my robe, had rotten and was dry. All took was a brush of my hand the rotten fruit fell off the shield and I shook the robe with the same effect. What surprised me, was when the fruit hit the ground, it immediately turned to dust.

  I poured a little of the water from the River of God on my hands and the Shield of Faith to clean them. As I did this my hands and the Shield began to glow with the Power of God. I climb up a high ridge, night has fallen, I look down and see the lights of the oasis’s I had passed through. As I stand atop the ridge I raise the glowing Shield of Faith and the Sword of the Spirit. The sword, the Armor of God and robe are glowing with the power of God. The power flows up into the night sky; it is as if I have become a beacon of the Spirit. The light begins to sweep across the land, like a searchlight. The light settles on each of the oasis’s and the ground under my feet is shaking with the power of God. The flow of power begins to fade and I let down my arms. The Shield continues to glow and I take time to eat and drink. Then I head down the other side of the ridge.
                                 ©COPYRIGHT 2011 RICHARD SPANGLER

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

PropheticVision:The New Adventure Part 6 (The Land of Closed Gates Pt 1)

I find myself walking with Jesus through the land that was once dry and is now beautiful, since the River of the Spirit began to flow. The earth and all that is in it seem to be rejoicing. We stop along the river and Jesus said, “Fill your canteen from the river and here are six more canteens, fill them also. You are going on a journey and you will need them.”I did as Jesus asked, filling all the canteens. We continued to walk. I wondered what type of journey I was going on. I knew Jesus would tell me in the fullness of time. As we went along, I began picking different kinds of fruit and place them in my supply sack.
  We finally come to a place where the land began to become dry and dusty. Jesus turned to me and said, “You must cross this land to reach the mountains on the other side.”I looked up and saw on the horizon the very tips of the mountains. The Master continued, “This is the Land of the Closed Gates. It is good that you picked fruit and you have water from the River of the Spirit. You must not eat or drink anything that is in the land, unless it overtakes you.” I said, “There is nothing in the land that I want.” The Lord puts His hands on my shoulders, turned me fully towards him and said in a firm voice, “There is water there and there is fruit. There are 7 pools of water, each surrounded by an oasis. The 7 pools of water are 7 deceptions and the fruits, are the fruits of deception. Do Not, eat or drink of deception.” Then I bowed down and worshiped Jesus and when I looked up He was gone.
  I have walked many hours in the dry Land of the Closed Gates, I climb up a ridge, there below in a valley there is an oasis. From a distance the oasis is beautiful to the eyes. As I come down the ridge, I noticed there is a paved road leading into to the oasis. As I am walking, I take out some of the fruit I picked and began to eat and drink the water from one of the canteens. Upon entering the oasis, the people I pass look at me with concern, but say nothing and turn back to what they were doing. The buildings that looked so beautiful from a distance don’t look nearly as good up close. The buildings are in need of minor repairs and maintaining. Some need painting and others need a window or a door fixed. The people have the tools and the paint, but they just stand there just looking, then shrug and walk away. This is truly a place of indifference. As I reach the center of the oasis, there is the pool that feeds the oasis. There are weeds that have grown up all around it. There are fruit trees but they are unattended. The trees have fruit that is ripe and ready to be picked. A lot of the fruit has fallen from the trees and has rotted on the ground. There are men and women there but they just don’t to seem care.
I talk with them about winning the lost and opening the floodgates of their hearts and let the River of the Spirit flow. They listen, and say, “That nice.” And they walk away. This is truly a place of indifference. Night is beginning fall and I decide I rather sleep on the dry ground, than spend a night in this place. I quickly head out of the oasis.
 I reach top of the ridge on the other side of the oasis paved road comes to an end. I am back on the dirt path as I start down the other side of the ridge. As I am moving down the ridge, I notice a cave off to side of the path. The cave is not very high and I have to bend over to enter it. The cave is only about 5 foot high and maybe 10 foot wide and about 10 foot deep. It is the perfect place to stop and rest. I build a fire at the entrance and settle in for the night. I begin to think over the day’s events. The walk and talk with Jesus and his warning to me. Then I think about the oasis of indifference and the people I met there. They did not even realize what indifference had done to them and how trapped they are. I begin to pray that God will break through the deception in their lives and after praying I dose off to sleep.    
                                ©2011 COPYRIGHT RICHARD SPANGLER  

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Prophetic Vision:The New Adventure Part 5

  I found myself caught up in the Spirit once again. This time I am walking through a very dry land. There are trees, but they have no leaves and the ground is rock hard, and cracked. Even the breeze is hot, dry and dusty. I use the Shield of Faith to protect my face from the dust as I move forward. I walk for many miles in this dry dusty land, until I come to a dry riverbed.
  The riverbed was wider than the Mississippi River. I noticed in the middle of the riverbed a small stream, so small you could easily step across it, but the water in it flowed clean and pure. Around the edges of the stream, there were small patches of grass, the first signs of life I had seen in this dry land. I felt an urging to go upstream; at least I would have fresh water to drink. As I walked, the breeze continue to blow and I at times it was as if  the breeze  groaned, almost as if the land itself was groaning for relief from dryness that was all around me. After traveling many miles upstream, I saw something begin to appear in the distance. As I came closer, it drew larger.
  At first I thought it was a rain cloud and I made a quick note of how far away the edge of the riverbed was, just in case I needed to move quickly from the river. As I continued I soon realized that it was a great mountain rising before me.  As I reached the mountain I also found there was a huge dam, it was as big as the mountain itself, stretching from one side to the other. I also noticed that the small stream was coming out of the dam. It was late in the day, I decided to make camp for the night and get a fresh start up the mountain in the morning (I knew that I needed to climb to the top of the mountain but it would be safer to climb during the day).
  The next morning I woke up and took a drink from the stream and was immediately refreshed and strengthened. I filled my canteen and prepared to climb. I slung the Shield of Faith onto my back and took out my knife and began, to cut out hand holds and footholds. The ground of the mountain was just as dry as the rest of the land. This made it very hard to climb and even to dig out hand and footholds.
  As I climbed the mountain, I passed seven huge floodgates; each gate was twelve stories high. As I drew closer to the top of the mountain, the ground became moist, making it easier to climb. Also, a refreshing spray of water would come off the mountain that would renew and refresh me. I finally reached the top of the mountain and the dam. I looked out and far below me was the dry land as far as I could see.
  Then I turned around and saw a huge reservoir. The reservoir stretched as far as I could see. Around the reservoir the land was beautiful, and green. I sensed the Presence of God everywhere around me. The reservoir was so full, that some the waves of water, were breaking over the top of the dam. Then I noticed there were seven hand cranks on top of the dam. I realized, these cranks opened the floodgates. I felt the urging of the Spirit to turn the hand cranks and open the floodgates. I turned the first crank and it turned easily and the first gate opened. I felt a shudder in the dam and went and looked over the edge and saw the water pouring down to the river bed far below.
  I quickly returned and opened all the floodgates. I went back to edge of the dam and saw an immediate transformation of the land. The river now flowed in its fullness through the land and the land became beautiful and green. I turned around to check the reservoir; to my surprise the reservoir was fuller. The water was running everywhere, even down the side of the mountain, even with 100’s of 1000’s of gallons of water flowing out of the floodgates. Then, I felt the master’s hand on my shoulder and I turned, I was looking into His wonderful face and glorious eyes. I immediately began to worship Him. Jesus spoke, “Well done my son, you opened the floodgates and the earth is being watered by My Spirit. You see the earth was dry and groaning, as you heard. The earth is groaning for the revealing of the Sons of God. The dam and the mountain is the heart of each person. Every one of my children has a reservoir and floodgates. It is up to each individual, to open the gates and to let all that I Am flow out of them to the earth.
  Yet, many of them hold the gates closed or only open the gates a little. They do this out of fear that there is not enough and they will run out. They do not realize that I am more than enough and the more they allow My Spirit to flow out to the earth, the more I will pour in much more than they are allowing to flow out. I will over flow them.”
   Then I said to the Lord, “The floodgates I just opened are my gates to open and close. They are a part of my heart.” The Lord said, “Yes you are correct. These are yours and this is your heart. You must decide every day to open the gates or keep them closed. Each one of my children are Gatekeepers of the Reservoir of the Spirit within their hearts. My desire is for you and them to keep the gates open.
  The seven floodgates represent the 7-Fold Spirit of God within you. Out of each gate flows the Fruits of the Spirit and the Gifts of the Spirit. Each gate has a fruit and a gift. The additional two Fruits of the Spirit and the two additional Gifts of the Spirits flow out of all the gates.
   The two Fruits of the Spirit that flow out of all the gates are love and peace without these the gifts cannot effectively operate. The two Gifts of the Spirit that flow out of all the gates are faith and wisdom, for without faith the gifts cannot operate and without wisdom the gifts can be misused and abused. Again, I say you were right this is your heart. The mountain you climbed, the dam, the floodgates and the reservoir are all parts of your heart.”
    I said, “Lord, when I started to climb, the bottom part of my heart was a dry as the earth.” Jesus said, “That is right and as you climbed closer to the top, to the reservoir, the ground became moist and beautiful and easier to climb.” I said, “Yes, Lord.” Then the Lord said, “The reason is this, the reservoir was only overflowing a little and only the top levels of the heart were benefiting from the refreshing water of the Spirit. Now, that you have opened the floodgates, I will pour out a greater overflow that will flow down to the lowest parts of your heart.
  The flow of the River of Fruits and the Gifts of the Spirit is to benefit the earth. The overflow from the reservoir is to benefit you. This is true for all my children, the more you open the floodgates, the more I will overflow and soak your heart in My Spirit. This is My heart for you and all my children, that you will be Gatekeepers that keep the floodgates open.” I fell to the ground in worship and when I looked up, I was back in my chair.
As I write this, I still hear the Voice of the Lord saying, “Be the Gatekeeper, and Keep the floodgates open.”      
                                            © 2011 COPYRIGHT RICHARD SPANGLER

Monday, May 9, 2011

Prophetic Vision:The New Adventure Part 4

   After we finished worship, I stood there looking at the portal (what we would call an Open Heaven). I watched in awe, the Glory of God flowing out of the portal onto the earth. All different types of angels were coming and going. I watched this beautiful sight for what seemed like hours. The Glory had many colors, all pulsating with light, as if it was a living rainbow of infinite colors.
  Then, I felt a stirring, from deep within me, to move closer to the portal. As I move closer and closer to the portal the harder it gets. This is due to the force of the River of Glory flowing out of the portal (the Open Heaven). I had to stop and worship every so often. Waves of Glory wash around and through me. I continue to press towards the portal. I finally reach the portal. The portal is massive, it glows and pulsates with the Power of God. It has many colors radiating from it. Some of the colors I know from earth, but there are other colors so beautiful and amazing, I cannot describe them.
  There is a new urging from within my spirit, to step into the Portal of the Open Heaven. There is also my earthly nature screaming a 1000’s “what ifs”. After a time of great conflict within myself, I begin to praise the Lord as I stepped into the portal. Immediately, I found myself back in the War Room of Heaven, with the Archangel standing directly in front of me. At this point I am unsure of what to do. The Archangel does not say a word, but gives me a wink and smile and points to a doorway I had not seen before. I give a great sigh of relief. At this point I decide a wink and a smile from an Archangel is better than a “fear not.”
  As  I go through the doorway, I feel the refreshing breeze of the Holy Spirit blow through me. It was wonderful, I did not realize how tired I had become. As this breeze from of the Spirit flowed through me, it was as if every cell in my body was being refreshed at the same time. As I look at my surroundings, I find myself in a beautiful garden. The garden stretches out before me in every direction as far as I could see. I wanted to explore this beautiful place and I began to walk in the garden. I would stop and smell the flowers as I walked. The scent from these flowers had a renewing and healing effect on my body, soul and spirit. After walking for a while, the garden opens up into what can be best described as a pasture and in the middle of this pasture was a beautiful pond. The water in the pond was perfectly still, yet as with everything  here it seemed to be full of life. As  I walked along the edge of this pond for a while,  I sat down to rest and then I laid down. As I drifted off to sleep, I remembered Psalm 23, the Lord is my shepherd I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures, He leads me beside still waters, He restores my soul…
I woke up surrounded by the Glory of God. It is so bright, it is like looking into a noonday sun. I shield my eyes, so I can see. There in the midst of the Glory was Jesus. He reached out His hand to me and helped me to my feet. We started to walk together. We walked a great distance in silence. I was enjoying Jesus’ company and I sensed that He was enjoying mine. We stopped and Jesus turned to me and said, “Keep doing what you are doing. Keep warring against demons, principalities and powers, for I HAVE ALREADY GIVEN YOU THE VICTORY. I also want you to tell my people who they are in Me and where they are now seated in Me and My authority and My power available to them.” At this, I fell to my knees and said, “But Lord I don’t truly understand who I am and who your people are in you. How can I tell them what I don’t know?” Jesus lifts me up and said, “I will teach you and show you who my people really are. Most of my people don’t know who they really are in Me. If, you do not tell them, many of them will go into unnecessary hardships and attacks from the evil one and his forces. Many will fall away.” With these words tears begin to flow down His cheeks and down mine. Jesus speaks again,” You must pray that their eyes will be open and that ears will be open to hear what I am teaching them who they are. They are much more than what they think. They are not just worshippers, warriors or believers. THEY ARE MUCH, MUCH MORE. AS ARE YOU. Will you teach them, as I teach you? I said, Yes, Lord I will.
   Jesus said, “There will be many who will misunderstand and even say evil about you, as they did with me. Are you still willing? I said, “Yes Lord.”Jesus spoke again, “Then as I showed you My heart many years ago, and My Heart is transforming your heart, so this will be for you. I will show you these things and will teach you and you will teach my people. You will write and teach them. For now continue the battles, continue the war.” Then Jesus placed His hands on my chest. I felt the Glory of God flowing into me and around me. I close my eyes and begin to worship. When I open my eyes I am back on the other side of the portal of the Open Heaven. 
                                               ©2011 COPYRIGHT RICHARD SPANGLER


Thursday, May 5, 2011

To Clelebrate or not to Celebrate

The question has been raised, to celebrate or not to celebrate the killing of Osama bin Laden by our military (Seal team 6). Celebrating victories in times of war goes back thousands of years. Israel celebrated and thanked God, when they got the victory over their enemies, from the destruction of the army at the Red Sea to King David and many other times. So it is good to thank God for delivering an enemy into our hands and to thank our military and government leaders past and present for a job well done. But, we are still at war and we must continue to fight or the enemies of this nation will rebuild and attack again. Remember  their stated goal is to kill every United States Citizen, every man, woman or child and to kill every christian and Jew in the world and for them to absolute control over the earth.This is not only a physical war but a spiritual war as well (in spite of what we are being told).
 The spirit of anti-christ is at work today, trying to stop prophecies of the Bible from coming to past. These prophecies spell out the final defeat of Satan and all who follow him. This is why there is this war. Satan is trying to wipe out every christian and Jew in a last ditch effort to stop his final defeat from happening. Satan tried to wipe out the Jews with Hitler and Hitler had also declared that Christianity was also an an enemy of the Nazis Party and we know what was done to their enemies.
Abortion is another attack, millions have been murdered, trying to stop to a generation that is rising up that will know God and do his will.
   We must also remember what God says in 2 Peter 3:9  The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance. So,while we can celebrate a victory, we must remember that God desires everyone to be saved even Osama bin Laden.Osama bin Laden  like everyone else makes a choice to follow Christ or not to follow Christ.
 I am sadden that Osama bin Laden never repented and came to know Christ. For anyone to spend
eternity without God saddens the Lord and should sadden everyone that knows him.  So celebrate, but temper it with the fact another person God loves just entered hell and is separated from God for eternity.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Prophetic Vision:The New Adventure Part 3

  After the great time worship in the Father’s Presence, the Glory of God lifts. We are in a beautiful valley and hills with a great river flowing in through the valley. We are all enjoying   the rest and peace and the resident Glory of God in land.
  Then, I am caught away by the Spirit. I find myself in a great room, along with others in the Golden armor of God. There are also warrior angels in the room. These are fearsome looking creatures, they different from the worship and from the ministering angels that I have seen before. These warrior angels have a resolute almost stern look about them. Their armor is beautiful and strong. If you saw one of these you definitely you want to hear them say, “Fear Not.” It is then I realize we are in, for lack of a better description a Heavenly War Room, there are angels coming and going constantly. There is a great angel in the middle, I assume it is the Archangel Michael giving to the other angels. There is on the walls, maps of the entire universe, but more angels were going in out of these maps. There was one wall filled with a map of planet earth, this where the greatest activity was centered.
  Then, the Archangel said, “The Lord God as declared, it is time for this stronghold to fall.”Immediately, the wall of earth rolled away and there before us was a stronghold of evil.  This was more than a 3-D picture, it also showed its purpose and the principally over it. It was the stronghold of control and manipulation . The Archangel continued, “This is why you all here at this time. The Lord God has ordained, that this stronghold is to fall and you are to use His power and authority and the most powerful of all the weapons God has given to you. This weapon is Worship and Praise, this is the word of your testimony, and the enemy has no weapon and no defense against it. Worship and Praise comes from your hearts and nothing can stop its power. And we also, will be with you in this battle”
  Then I found myself back in camp of the Army of God. Orders begin to flow from my mouth and from the others who were in the war room. The shofars sound, the troops form up and we begin to march. We soon find ourselves, surrounding this stronghold of evil. In unison, the shofars sound and we begin to worship and praise our Lord and Father. The effect is amazing, the walls of the stronghold begin to crack and the gates begin to fall. The scripture came to my mind, “the gates of hell shall not prevail against the church.”
   I the same time it came to me by the Holy Spirit, “press the attack until this stronghold is completely destroyed. This stronghold has been attacked many times but my people have stopped short of total victory. This is the time for total victory, do not stop until this is done.” I this I begin to worship and praise more pressing in to God all the more. The others around me do the same. Then a great light breaks out of heaven, striking the stronghold and the warrior angels poured forth and the stronghold is covered in light, and the light grows brighter and brighter. Then out of the center comes an evil force screaming and flying away. Then the light (the Glory of God) grew even brighter. I had to close my eyes, as we continued to worship.
          Finally, the worship and praise begins to settle down. I open my eyes, the stronghold is gone and in its place, is a portal between heaven and earth (what we would call an open heaven). The Glory of God is flowing out of it onto the earth and there are angels ascending and descending. Watching all this, my mind begins to wonder what was that force of evil that flew over us. The Holy Spirit answers, “That was the principality of control and manipulation fleeing. Do not worry about him, his day is almost done and his judgment is coming soon.” With that I begin to worship once again.