Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Prophetic Vision:The New Adventure Part 3

  After the great time worship in the Father’s Presence, the Glory of God lifts. We are in a beautiful valley and hills with a great river flowing in through the valley. We are all enjoying   the rest and peace and the resident Glory of God in land.
  Then, I am caught away by the Spirit. I find myself in a great room, along with others in the Golden armor of God. There are also warrior angels in the room. These are fearsome looking creatures, they different from the worship and from the ministering angels that I have seen before. These warrior angels have a resolute almost stern look about them. Their armor is beautiful and strong. If you saw one of these you definitely you want to hear them say, “Fear Not.” It is then I realize we are in, for lack of a better description a Heavenly War Room, there are angels coming and going constantly. There is a great angel in the middle, I assume it is the Archangel Michael giving to the other angels. There is on the walls, maps of the entire universe, but more angels were going in out of these maps. There was one wall filled with a map of planet earth, this where the greatest activity was centered.
  Then, the Archangel said, “The Lord God as declared, it is time for this stronghold to fall.”Immediately, the wall of earth rolled away and there before us was a stronghold of evil.  This was more than a 3-D picture, it also showed its purpose and the principally over it. It was the stronghold of control and manipulation . The Archangel continued, “This is why you all here at this time. The Lord God has ordained, that this stronghold is to fall and you are to use His power and authority and the most powerful of all the weapons God has given to you. This weapon is Worship and Praise, this is the word of your testimony, and the enemy has no weapon and no defense against it. Worship and Praise comes from your hearts and nothing can stop its power. And we also, will be with you in this battle”
  Then I found myself back in camp of the Army of God. Orders begin to flow from my mouth and from the others who were in the war room. The shofars sound, the troops form up and we begin to march. We soon find ourselves, surrounding this stronghold of evil. In unison, the shofars sound and we begin to worship and praise our Lord and Father. The effect is amazing, the walls of the stronghold begin to crack and the gates begin to fall. The scripture came to my mind, “the gates of hell shall not prevail against the church.”
   I the same time it came to me by the Holy Spirit, “press the attack until this stronghold is completely destroyed. This stronghold has been attacked many times but my people have stopped short of total victory. This is the time for total victory, do not stop until this is done.” I this I begin to worship and praise more pressing in to God all the more. The others around me do the same. Then a great light breaks out of heaven, striking the stronghold and the warrior angels poured forth and the stronghold is covered in light, and the light grows brighter and brighter. Then out of the center comes an evil force screaming and flying away. Then the light (the Glory of God) grew even brighter. I had to close my eyes, as we continued to worship.
          Finally, the worship and praise begins to settle down. I open my eyes, the stronghold is gone and in its place, is a portal between heaven and earth (what we would call an open heaven). The Glory of God is flowing out of it onto the earth and there are angels ascending and descending. Watching all this, my mind begins to wonder what was that force of evil that flew over us. The Holy Spirit answers, “That was the principality of control and manipulation fleeing. Do not worry about him, his day is almost done and his judgment is coming soon.” With that I begin to worship once again.