Thursday, May 12, 2011

Prophetic Vision:The New Adventure Part 5

  I found myself caught up in the Spirit once again. This time I am walking through a very dry land. There are trees, but they have no leaves and the ground is rock hard, and cracked. Even the breeze is hot, dry and dusty. I use the Shield of Faith to protect my face from the dust as I move forward. I walk for many miles in this dry dusty land, until I come to a dry riverbed.
  The riverbed was wider than the Mississippi River. I noticed in the middle of the riverbed a small stream, so small you could easily step across it, but the water in it flowed clean and pure. Around the edges of the stream, there were small patches of grass, the first signs of life I had seen in this dry land. I felt an urging to go upstream; at least I would have fresh water to drink. As I walked, the breeze continue to blow and I at times it was as if  the breeze  groaned, almost as if the land itself was groaning for relief from dryness that was all around me. After traveling many miles upstream, I saw something begin to appear in the distance. As I came closer, it drew larger.
  At first I thought it was a rain cloud and I made a quick note of how far away the edge of the riverbed was, just in case I needed to move quickly from the river. As I continued I soon realized that it was a great mountain rising before me.  As I reached the mountain I also found there was a huge dam, it was as big as the mountain itself, stretching from one side to the other. I also noticed that the small stream was coming out of the dam. It was late in the day, I decided to make camp for the night and get a fresh start up the mountain in the morning (I knew that I needed to climb to the top of the mountain but it would be safer to climb during the day).
  The next morning I woke up and took a drink from the stream and was immediately refreshed and strengthened. I filled my canteen and prepared to climb. I slung the Shield of Faith onto my back and took out my knife and began, to cut out hand holds and footholds. The ground of the mountain was just as dry as the rest of the land. This made it very hard to climb and even to dig out hand and footholds.
  As I climbed the mountain, I passed seven huge floodgates; each gate was twelve stories high. As I drew closer to the top of the mountain, the ground became moist, making it easier to climb. Also, a refreshing spray of water would come off the mountain that would renew and refresh me. I finally reached the top of the mountain and the dam. I looked out and far below me was the dry land as far as I could see.
  Then I turned around and saw a huge reservoir. The reservoir stretched as far as I could see. Around the reservoir the land was beautiful, and green. I sensed the Presence of God everywhere around me. The reservoir was so full, that some the waves of water, were breaking over the top of the dam. Then I noticed there were seven hand cranks on top of the dam. I realized, these cranks opened the floodgates. I felt the urging of the Spirit to turn the hand cranks and open the floodgates. I turned the first crank and it turned easily and the first gate opened. I felt a shudder in the dam and went and looked over the edge and saw the water pouring down to the river bed far below.
  I quickly returned and opened all the floodgates. I went back to edge of the dam and saw an immediate transformation of the land. The river now flowed in its fullness through the land and the land became beautiful and green. I turned around to check the reservoir; to my surprise the reservoir was fuller. The water was running everywhere, even down the side of the mountain, even with 100’s of 1000’s of gallons of water flowing out of the floodgates. Then, I felt the master’s hand on my shoulder and I turned, I was looking into His wonderful face and glorious eyes. I immediately began to worship Him. Jesus spoke, “Well done my son, you opened the floodgates and the earth is being watered by My Spirit. You see the earth was dry and groaning, as you heard. The earth is groaning for the revealing of the Sons of God. The dam and the mountain is the heart of each person. Every one of my children has a reservoir and floodgates. It is up to each individual, to open the gates and to let all that I Am flow out of them to the earth.
  Yet, many of them hold the gates closed or only open the gates a little. They do this out of fear that there is not enough and they will run out. They do not realize that I am more than enough and the more they allow My Spirit to flow out to the earth, the more I will pour in much more than they are allowing to flow out. I will over flow them.”
   Then I said to the Lord, “The floodgates I just opened are my gates to open and close. They are a part of my heart.” The Lord said, “Yes you are correct. These are yours and this is your heart. You must decide every day to open the gates or keep them closed. Each one of my children are Gatekeepers of the Reservoir of the Spirit within their hearts. My desire is for you and them to keep the gates open.
  The seven floodgates represent the 7-Fold Spirit of God within you. Out of each gate flows the Fruits of the Spirit and the Gifts of the Spirit. Each gate has a fruit and a gift. The additional two Fruits of the Spirit and the two additional Gifts of the Spirits flow out of all the gates.
   The two Fruits of the Spirit that flow out of all the gates are love and peace without these the gifts cannot effectively operate. The two Gifts of the Spirit that flow out of all the gates are faith and wisdom, for without faith the gifts cannot operate and without wisdom the gifts can be misused and abused. Again, I say you were right this is your heart. The mountain you climbed, the dam, the floodgates and the reservoir are all parts of your heart.”
    I said, “Lord, when I started to climb, the bottom part of my heart was a dry as the earth.” Jesus said, “That is right and as you climbed closer to the top, to the reservoir, the ground became moist and beautiful and easier to climb.” I said, “Yes, Lord.” Then the Lord said, “The reason is this, the reservoir was only overflowing a little and only the top levels of the heart were benefiting from the refreshing water of the Spirit. Now, that you have opened the floodgates, I will pour out a greater overflow that will flow down to the lowest parts of your heart.
  The flow of the River of Fruits and the Gifts of the Spirit is to benefit the earth. The overflow from the reservoir is to benefit you. This is true for all my children, the more you open the floodgates, the more I will overflow and soak your heart in My Spirit. This is My heart for you and all my children, that you will be Gatekeepers that keep the floodgates open.” I fell to the ground in worship and when I looked up, I was back in my chair.
As I write this, I still hear the Voice of the Lord saying, “Be the Gatekeeper, and Keep the floodgates open.”      
                                            © 2011 COPYRIGHT RICHARD SPANGLER