Monday, June 6, 2011

The New Adventure Part 9 (The Land of Closed Gates Part 4)

 I am coming into the next oasis. This one is different than the other oases. The buildings and the streets are well kept. It is a simple place, almost like those small towns in 1950’s American television. It looks too good to be true. The people are very friendly and are willing to talk with you.
  I began to talk with a middle-aged man about Jesus. He quickly cut me off and said, “We don’t talk about Jesus.” I asked him, “Why not?” He said, “We don’t want to offend anyone.” This happened again and again, every time at mentioned Jesus or the Power of the Holy Spirit. They would say please don’t mention that, because it might cause trouble and they didn’t want any trouble or to offend anyone. Others firmly asked me, to leave their town before I caused trouble. This is truly an Oasis of Denial. Everyone there new about God but, denied Him and His power, so as not to offend anyone. I left this oasis with a great sadness in my heart for the people living under this deception.
   I continued down the trail and as was my custom I ate and drank as I went. It was only a few hours and I was entering the next oasis. There were lots of people moving about and there was a lot needing to be done. Some of the buildings were half finished, and others needing repair. There were weeds everywhere and the fruit trees were in a word, a mess.

 I talked with many of the people, they all knew what needed to be done but, all said, “Someone else would do it.” There was a complete lack of responsibility.  No one would even take the responsibility to pick up a piece of paper, because someone else would do it. This was true in spiritual matters as well. It was, someone else will witness, someone will pray and someone else will study the Word of God. I was glad to leave this Oasis of Irresponsibility behind, but I was very sad for the people there.
  As I left the oasis, I noticed a strange darkness on the horizon. As I moved down the road, the darkness grew larger. I stopped and ate and drink from my provisions, I sensed that I would need all my strength. I moved into the darkness and it hours to reach the oasis. As I entered the oasis, the darkness became greater and heavier on me. Most of the people moved away from me when I approached them. The fear in this place is so strong you can almost taste it. The few people I could talk with all had various fears and hopelessness. There was the fear of rejection, fear of destruction, fear of the devil, fear of failure and even the fear of success. This is the largest of the oases. The closer I get to the center of the oasis, the more fear presses down on me. I drink more of the water and eat more of the fruit I have with me and I am strengthen.
  The darkness of fear is pressing in from all sides. The darkness is so close that I can only see a foot or less in front of me. Yet, I continue to push forward. My strength is fading fast. Then I heard a voice saying, “You are not going to make it.” I had heard that the same voice in 2007, saying the same thing when I was about to have quadruple by-pass surgery. It was wrong then and I determined it would be wrong now.
  Then, I heard a voice from deep within my spirit, “Turn the Robe inside out.” I immediately stopped and turned the robe inside out. The loin on the robe begins to glow; I feel the fire and the power of the Holy Spirit in me (I did not realize how weak I had become). I bring the Shield of the Faith in front of me and it also begins to glow.   I pull out the Sword of the Spirit and it lights up like a torch. With all the light around me I can see the gate leading out of the oasis. I move down the road until I am well clear of the darkness. I kneel down and praise the Lord for getting me out of the Oasis of fear. Then, I prayed for those trapped there and in all the oases of deception.
  After prayer, I realize it is still daylight, which was surprising to me, I felt I had been in the Oasis of Fear a long time. I continued down the trail. The mountains were now close and trail moved into the mountains. The walls of the mountains now towered on each side of the trail. Suddenly, the trail ends and before me is a thick forest.
 I knew I could not go back, so I pressed forward into the forest.  I pull out the Sword of the Spirit and it seems the trees separate. I pull the sword away the trees seem to close together. I pull out the sword and move forward. As I move forward the trees are moving apart in front of me, I look behind me and the trees have closed behind me. Moving forward again, I hear the sound of a mighty waterfall. I step into a clearing and there is the waterfall. It is beautiful and stretches skyward until it disappears in the clouds. There is a lagoon and the water is crystal clear. The other end of the lagoon there appears to be a river flowing out of it. There is life everywhere.
    I sit on a rock and watch this beautiful and refreshing scene. I decide to move over to the waterfall. The spray is wonderful, it is then I decide to step in to the waterfall. An amazing thing happens, I begin to rise upwards. The water under me is forcing me upwards, the water above me parts as I rise. The water around me continues downward with tremendous force.
   As I look outwards, I see the entire Land of Closed Gates and over to my right I can see the River of the Spirit and the beauty of the land around it. Soon I am passing through the clouds and finally I reach the top of the mountain.  I step over onto the land, I look up and there stands Jesus smiling. Jesus says, “Welcome to the Mountains of Refreshing.”