Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Day-Let Us Pray

Our nation celebrates it's 235th birthday today with parades , fireworks and cook-outs with family and friends. But how many of us have actually read the Declaration of Independence and understand its beginnings. This nation was founded 404 years ago when English colonist came ashore at Cape Henry (what is now Virginia Beach, Va.) planned a cross and dedicated this land to the Lord Jesus Christ and to the preaching of the gospel to the world from the shores. This came directly from the Reformation that was sweeping northern Europe and changing the face of nations and planning the seeds of freedom. The Reformation brought an end to the old feudal system of society and gave freedom to the common man.
  The Great Awakening in the colonies in the mid-1700's played a major role.It's message that Jesus Christ came to set men free in this life as well in the life to come let to the preaching that all men had rights given to them by God and that no other person or government had a right to take those rights away. It was in the churches that the American Revolution began long before the first letter of protest was written or the first shots fired or the writing of the Declaration of Independence. ( I do realize this a shorten version of what happened but it would take and has taken volumes of books to study these events in detail.)
  The founding fathers clearly called upon God, specifically the Lord Jesus Christ for guidance in these matters. They repeatedly called the colonies to days of prayers and they themselves at critical points would stop and pray asking for divine guidance.Yet today when a governmental leader calls for prayer, just as Texas Gov. Rick Perry recently did, he is criticized and told he should not call for prayer, see link It is amazing that we have gone so far from our foundations that we now call public prayer meeting to seek God's forgiveness and wisdom and guidance wrong.  Here is the declaration

It is time for us to fast and pray, the nation is divided, the economy is not growing, with high unemployment, there floods, there have been massive and destructive tornado outbreaks and wildfires across the nation. What this means for food prices, no one is talking about, most of these have effected farmland and will effect everyone else soon. There are Islamic terrorist who out destroy this nation, and kill everyone who will not submit to their political/religious system. Some government officials are now saying they don't have the answers.
  Yet we continue now the same path we have traveling, where it is not politically correct to say anything about sin, or the reality of what we are facing except when some one calls for prayer then it is O.K. to attack them as wrong, backwards thinking and a person who is out of touch.
WE MUST STAND FIRM, WE MUST PRAY AND WE MUST SPEAK OUT  AND STAND UP FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS. It is time, like no other to pray, to repent and ask for forgiveness of our sins both personal and as a nation and ask once again for our Lord Jesus Christ, for wisdom, and understanding and guidance. So please join me on August 6,2011 and pray for this nation. God has promised if we do this He will hear from Heaven and heal our land.

 If you are going join in this Day of Prayer August 6,2011, Please post a comment saying "Yes, I will pray."

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