Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Mountains of Refreshing Part 4

The Mountains of Refreshing Part 4

By Richard Spangler

I as walk towards this beautiful fountain, I hear a sound almost like singing. As move closer to the fountain, the sound gets louder. At first I think it coming from the fruit trees surrounding the fountain, but it is not coming from them.

   The fruit trees themselves are larger than the ones surrounding the Healing Fountain; they are almost as large as oak trees. The fruit on them is the size of round watermelons and have a gold and silver color to them with stripes of red mixed in. I am hungry, so I pick one of these watermelon size pieces of fruit. Immediately, as I picked the fruit and beautiful bloom, having the same markings as the fruit, appears. As I am looking at bloom, there appears in the center of the bloom a very small miniature of the fruit I just picked.

I sit down and begin to open the watermelon, to my surprise it opens easily and it’s full of seeds. As eat the meat of the fruit, I begin to feel the love and compassion of God flow all through my body, soul and spirit. The love and compassion overwhelm me. I begin to think of all the hurting people in the world that need the love of God. I begin to weep and pray for them, this was similar in experience to when I was praying, many years ago, asking God to show me His heart, and He did it while I was driving a trolley along the oceanfront during one of the many summer festivals we have here in Virginia Beach, Va. It was a life changing experience for me then, and actually prayed Lord please lift the experience from me because I couldn’t take it anymore and the Father did lift it. Then God spoke to me and said, “I had not even scratched the surface of His heart and His love and compassion for all His children.” I was truly changed forever by that experience and now what I am feeling is a thousand times more powerful than that experience.

  After what seem like hours, the power of love and compassion seem to begin to subside but I could still feeling it flowing powerfully inside me. I rose up and moved to fountain and found the sound I heard was coming from the water in the fountain. It seemed as if the water was inviting me drink and I was thirsty, but after the experience with the water of healing, I carefully took a little sip. Instantly, a surge of Holy Power raced through my body and I was overcome again.

   I open my eyes, and once again I am looking up at the sky. I raise up I notice a man sitting on the edge of the fountain. See me and comes over and helps me up. He introduces himself, “I am John and no I am not beloved, for he sits as one of the elders around the throne of God.” I ask John, “What foundation is this?” He replies, “It is the Foundation of Signs and Wonders of course.” Then I say, “I would think there would many more people here at the fountain, for there are many that I know who want to see signs and wonders in their lives.”John responds, “Yes, that is true, but they are not willing to pay the price. They must be willing first, to seek an intimate relationship with the Holy One and then must be willing to eat of the Fruit of Love and Compassion of God, then and only then can they drink of the Fountain of Signs and Wonders. Instead, they seek only the gifts of the fountain and of the other fountains of God and not God himself and are unwilling to eat of the fruits that God provides. It was the same in my time, people coming for the healing and signs and wonders, and not for a deep intimate relationship with God.” I sadly agreed that this so, even today, that many of God’s people are the same way. They seek the gifts and experiences and the giver of the gifts.” John speaks again, “And seeking the gifts and experiences only, they will never become what God has called them to be on earth. You are called, as you know, to teach God’s people who they truly are in Him. Take what you learn and have learned and teach it to the people. All that you experience here is not just for you but for all God’s people. God desires for all to have an intimate relationship with Him. Now it is time for you go, follow the path up the mountain.”With this we say our good-byes and I start up the path.