Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Storehouse of Tears

By Richard L Spangler

  I am once again in the Spirit on the Lord’s Day during worship. I find myself standing, with arms stretched out in praise, on the peak of one of the Mountains of refreshing. The Wind of the Holy Spirit is blowing through me. The beauty I see before me is spectacular, a lush valley and rolling hills far below me and other mountains rising up before me, all with the glow of the Glory of God radiating from them. I am awe of what is before me. I don’t know how long I have been standing here. 

   I notice a path down the side of mountain and decide to take it. There is a dense forest and beautiful multi-colored flowers on each side of the path. The reason I say multi-colored flowers is because I have never seen the colors that these flowers have, they are so beautiful but I cannot describe them. Rounding a bend I see a building through the trees. This interests me but there seems to be no way to get to the building. Then a little trail appears and looks like it might lead me to building. Turning down the trail I soon find it is not well traveled. There are a few places where the trail narrows that squeezing past the trees is difficult and I almost turn back but decide to keep going. After squeezing through a particularly tight spot I come to a clearing and there is the building.

  Moving across the clearing, suddenly there is a rather large Warrior Angel guarding the door. I immediately freeze in my tracks. My mind begins to wonder why an angel would be guarding this particular building. Then the angel falls to his knees and bows his head and I feel the presence of the master behind. I turn and look directly into the face of Jesus. I fall to the ground in worship.
   Then Jesus lifts me up and asks, “Do you want to go inside?”
    I respond, “Yes, Lord.”

  He puts His arm around my shoulder and we walk pass the Warrior Angel, who at this assumed the military position of present arms with his flaming sword held straight out before him.
  Entering the building I see row upon row of shelves with all different size containers. Some of the containers were as small as vials and some as gallon containers and some still larger. They were made of the clearest of clear glass. The liquid inside looked like water.
  Jesus says, “This is the Storehouse of the Tears of the Saints. This a   precious place to me. Here are all the tears of the saints, tears of joy, tears of sadness, tears of travail and the tears of the martyrs.”

   At this Jesus sheds a tear and when the tear hits the floor, glory radiates from it flowing through the building and all of the bottles, causing everything to glow with the Glory of God.
    Jesus continues, “These tears come from the passion that my children have for me. Yet, many of my children have grown cold and have lost their passion and others have grown indifferent (lukewarm). They feel no coldness in their hearts and no fire of passion. These are the sadness of all my children. A cold heart can be warmed again and a heart of passion can be made hotter. But an indifferent heart does not know it is cold and fears the fire of passion and the change it could bring. This indifferent heart does not want to change or grow but wants to remain where it is.
   Yet, there is still hope for those who are indifferent, the Spirit calls to them to shake themselves and they will know the fire of passion again.”
     I say, “Lord, what can I do?’
   The lord says, “Keep your passion HOT!! Live a life of Passion before them. This will cause those who will shake themselves to shake. The others who will not shake themselves they will think you extreme, but don’t worry about that just stay HOT!!”

    Then Jesus laid His hand on me and said, “Stay HOT!!!”

 As I write this I feel the Fire of the Holy Spirit and man is it “HOT.”