Monday, August 6, 2012

An Adventure in the Spirit in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania


By Richard L Spangler
    My wife Dorthy is on the broad of Lions Heart Ministries in Virginia Beach, Virginia led by our good friend Pastor Linda Salzman. Dorthy is also part of the worship team for this ministry. The worship team had been invited to be on a local TV show Family –Life Sunday Night on the Family Life TV station ( ) in Kittanning, Pennsylvania, just outside of Pittsburgh on Sunday night July 29, 2012.

    Dorthy wanted me go along and help with the driving and anything else that might come up. I thought this was a great idea and we made plans to go. I got excited about seeing Pittsburgh, especially Three Rivers Stadium (Heinz Field). This was strange since I am a Washington Redskins fan and the Steelers rate almost as low as the Dallas Cowboys on my favorite teams list. I mentioned the idea of going to the stadium to Pastor Linda and she thought it was a good idea also (this was equally strange, since Pastor Linda is not interested in football at all).
   The week before we are to leave the other Associate Pastor of my church (Tidewater Area Christian Fellowship ) had a death in his family and had to go out of town the same weekend. I was prepared to stay home. But Dorthy got an insist in her spirit that she wanted me to go. We talked with our pastor, who also agreed that I should go. So I went with my wife and daughter and team.

   We drove up on Saturday and decided to go into Pittsburgh on Sunday, as we did not have to be at the TV station until 7:30 pm for the 9 pm show. I was getting ready excited about going to the stadium and did not know why until we crossed the Pittsburgh City limits, then the anointing of the Holy Spirit fell and I knew why I was there. So after lunch, the whole team went to Three Rivers Stadium (Heinz Field). We had a great time taking pictures of everyone. Then as I turned to look towards the city the Lord had me to declare this:

       Lord says, “Dry Bones Live!!! The Fire of the Holy Spirit come into these bones and they are to live. Then a strong and powerful body will arise in this region, more powerful than anything that has been here before. This body (the church) will transform this region. The power and the anointing will be so strong that it will flow down these three rivers to the gulf. Dry Bones Live!!! 

 When I finished, I asked Pastor Linda if she had anything to add, she said, “You’ve said it all.”

 With that done, we went back to Kittanning. That night, the power of God fell on the TV show as the worship ministered to the Lord and to those watching. It was a great time in Jesus.

   In walking with the Lord I am always amazed I how He leads us. I have many experiences, like this one in my life both in this earthly realm and in the spirit realm. Dorthy, says, “It’s not safe to take you anywhere.”  Guess that is true, considering it wasn’t safe to take me Pittsburgh.

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