Monday, November 5, 2012

An Excerpt from Adventures in the Spirit A Series of Prophetic Visions By Richard L Spangler

Leaving the oasis, I noticed a strange darkness on the horizon. Further down the road, the darkness grew larger.I stopped and ate and drink from my provisions, sensing that all my strength would be needed. I moving into the darkness it took hours to reach the oasis.
Entering the oasis, the darkness became greater and heavier on me. I was having trouble making out the buildings in the darkness. Most of the people moved away from me as I approached them. The fear in this place is so strong you can almost taste it. The few people I could talk with were hopelessly in fear. They had the fear of rejection, fear of destruction, fear of the devil, fear of failure and even the fear of success. This is the largest of the oases.
The closer I get to the center of the oasis, the more fear presses down on me. I drink more of the water and eat more of the fruit I have with me and I am strengthened.

The darkness of fear is pressing in from all sides, it so close that I can only see a foot or less in front of me. Yet, I continue to push forward. My strength was fading fast. Then I heard a voice saying, “You are not going to make it.” I heard that the same voice in 2007, saying the same thing when I was about to have quadruple by-pass surgery. It was wrong then and I determined that it would be wrong now. The fear continued to close in on all sides and voices of defeat were growing louder and louder.
  Then, I heard a voice from deep within my spirit, “Turn the Robe inside out.” I immediately stopped and turned the robe inside out. The Lion on the robe started to glow; I felt the fire and the power of the Holy Spirit rising in me, I did not realize how weak I had become. Then, I brought the Shield of Faith in front of me and it also begins to glow. The Sword of the Spirit lighted up like a torch.

With all the light around me I now see the gate leading out of the oasis, just a few short feet in front of me. I quickly move through the gate and then down the road, until I am well clear of the darkness. I knelt down and praised the Lord for getting me out of the Oasis of fear.

Then, I prayed for those trapped there and in every oasis of deception and of fear. After prayer, I notice it is still daylight, which is surprising to me. It felt like I had been in the Oasis of Fear a long time.

The mountains are close as the trail moved into them. The mountain walls now tower above me on each side of the trail. Suddenly, the trail ends and before me is a thick forest. I knew that I could not go back, so I pressed forward into the forest. I pull out the Sword of the Spirit, to cut a path though the trees, but the trees separate. I put the sword away and the trees close together. Then I pulled out the sword again and move forward and the trees are move apart in front of me. Looking behind me the trees have closed. I continued and notice that the colors of the leaves on the trees and even the color of the trees are getting brighter and becoming more alive. There is the sound of a mighty waterfall. I’ve heard the sound of this water before.
  It is the sound of joy that the water of the River of God makes as it flows from the Throne of God. As I step into a clearing, there it is the waterfall. It is beautiful and stretches skyward until it disappears in the clouds. Just looking at it is refreshing to my soul.There is a lagoon created by the waterfall. The water is crystal clear. Moving to the other end of the lagoon I see another waterfall with the River of God flowing down to the earth.
It is then that I realize how high up I am in the mountains. The view is so beautiful and amazing. Puffs of clouds are below me and eagles soaring through the sky. I could stand here for hours enjoying this view and in fact, I have.Turning back and walk away from the edge, I see life everywhere.
This place is the total opposite of the Oasis of Fear. It is wonderful and beautiful! Even the air I breathe here seems to be alive with joy and peace. Wading into the lagoon; my body glows with life and joy. Overwhelmed with joy, I dive into the water and begin to swim and shout and play like a little kid. I climbed up on a rock and watch this beautiful and refreshing scene.
I decided to move over to the waterfall, where the spray is wonderful. I stepped into the waterfall, an amazing thing happened, I rose. The water below is forcing me upward and the water above parts as I rise. The water around me continues downward with tremendous force.
As I look, I see the entire Land of Closed Gates before me. Over to my right I can see the River of the Spirit and the beauty of the surrounding land. Soon I am passing through the clouds and reach the top of the mountain. I step over onto the land, I look up and there stands Jesus smiling.
Jesus says, “Welcome to the Mountains of Refreshing.”
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