Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Prophetic Vision from New Book: Craving God (excerpt 1)

This is an excerpt from my new book. This is a prophetic vision that will be in the book. The working title is: Craving God  
I feel the wind whip around me, getting stronger and stronger. I realize this is no ordinary wind, it is the wind of the Spirit. The wind lifts me up high above the mountain, then I move in the direction the wind moves me.
  Soaring far above everything, soon there appears a glowing bank of clouds and I fly into it. This cloud is more than a cloud it has life, it’s the edge of the presence of the Father. I cannot see but a few feet in front me, moving at the speed I am moving; I must have faith in the Spirit and His direction. Slowing down and descending, the cloud lifts as I descend. I Land on top of a large flat rock. Surveying my surroundings I discover this is a large plateau. The plateau is a large barren piece of black rock. Looking over the edge, the sides are smooth hard rock. The plateau is thousands of feet high and there is no way down.

  Looking around, I find no wood for a fire, no vegetation and no cave to seek shelter if a storm arises. I stand there wondering why the Spirit brought me here.  I wait in silence straining to hear the voice of the Lord, not a word is heard.

  Sitting on the ground for any length of time is impossible. I walk until I cannot walk anymore. As the day ends, I try to sleep but I get  little due to the hardness of the ground. The next day is the same. I check to see if there is a way down that I missed again nothing.
  I walk, more like the pacing of a caged animal with no hope of escape. The next day is worst, I am so tired of this place and still hearing nothing from God.

 I scream at the top of lungs, “Is there something I have done wrong. Lord, show me what it is, that I would repent and ask for forgiveness.” No response not a whisper.  I weep crying out over and over again, until my voice is gone.
    I laid on the ground too weak to stand and whisper,” Lord, do with me what you will. If you mean to kill me then I yield to death. I surrender totally to you.”

At that moment a light pierces the sky, hitting me and bathing the plateau in light. Soon the light begins to pulsate with different colors, reds, blues, greens, and white. I feel myself being gently lifted up and the pulsating light flows around and through me.
  My whole body glows with light. I even sense that my insides are glowing. This continues for what seems like hours. Then peace begins to overflow me. Soon I am falling asleep, in spite of doing my best to stay awake, sleep overtakes me. I awake and find myself not a barren  plateau but in a place of absolute beauty.

I am lying on a carpet of thick green grass and there are beautiful golden colored flowers all around me. I am totally confused. I get up and start to check out my new environs.
   I find a stream of water bubbling out of a small outcrop of rocks. The water is cold and refreshing. Just a few feet away from the stream there are bushes. Each bush has fruit on it. The fruit has the shape of a peanut, but it’s the size of an apple and is a golden color. I pick one and carefully taste it. To my surprise it tastes like the best cheesecake I had ever eaten. Thinking to myself, this must be heaven, when fruit tastes like cheesecake. There’s a familiar laugh from behind me and swinging around there stands Jesus.

  I begin to bombard Him with questions, “How did I end up here? Why was I put on that barren plateau?”
  Jesus holds up His hand, with a smile says, “You are still on the plateau.”
  “That’s impossible” before I finish saying It I realize who I am saying that to and just how stupid I sound.
Jesus laughs, “Come with me.”

  We walk in silence and come to the edge of the plateau and looking out I realize I am seeing the scene same as before. Looking down the side of plateau, there is a difference. Instead of a sheer rock face, there is a pathway wining downward. It has trees and flowers along each side.
    I turned to Jesus, asking, “What happened?”

He replied, “You happened.”
“Me!!” I exclaimed.

Jesus continued, “This is the Plateau of Total Surrender. There is nothing you could do on your own to get off the plateau or to change it. When you laid down and said, “Lord, do with me what you will. If you mean to kill me then I yield to death. I surrender totally to you.” That was total surrender.
That sacrifice of your will and your life caused the plateau from a place of bareness and darkness, to a place of fruitfulness and light.”

  “But Lord” I said, “I have sacrificed and I have surrendered.”
   Jesus continued, “There are many times of sacrifice and surrender, some great and some small. But this place and places like it, if you are willing to make the sacrifice, open   new levels of relationship with me. There is also new authority and new power entrusted to you. Take a look at yourself.”