Saturday, March 23, 2013

We Watched

By Richard L Spangler

We watched man kill the Son of God,

We the Host of Heaven with tears in our eyes, And our swords drawn,

Stood there and watched man kill the Son of God.

We would have attacked and destroyed them all,

At His voice command, we would have,

But He said, forgive them, and then He died.                               

We watched as men took Him from His cross,                                              

And laid Him in His tomb,                                              

And we watched over Him.

Then came that grand and glorious morning,                              

When the Son of God burst forth from the tomb,                                      

And we the Host of Heaven rejoiced,                                 

We who watched man kill the Son of God.

This poem comes from Matthew 26:52-54. This is where Jesus, in the Garden of Gethsemane has been arrested and the disciples are drawing their swords to defend Him. Jesus tells them to stop and that He could pray that the Father would send 12 legions of angels to defend Him.    

This is a powerful statement. The Amplified Bible states that 12 legions would have been more than 80,000 angels. This would have been a force to completely destroy all mankind, except for the followers of Christ. One angel killed 70,000 between morning and evening in II Samuel 24: 15-17 and another angel killed 185,000 in one night in II Kings 19:34-36.        

But, Jesus love for man and His heart to do the will of the Father kept Him from calling for the angels. And it was not just at this point He could have called for help. Jesus called out at any point -- when He was falsely convicted and when He was whipped 39 times and mocked by Roman Soldiers. Also, when He stood before the crowd yelling, "crucify him," as He carried His cross and when He was hanging on the cross. Even at the point of death, He could have called for the angels.       

The Love of Christ for each and every one of us compelled Jesus to follow the plan of salvation laid out before creation was created. Truly, all the angels and for that matter, all the demons watched Jesus carry out the ultimate act of love for mankind.       

This is why we celebrate Easter. The price for sin has been paid, and all our sins are forgiven. We can all have a relationship with God, our loving Father, though His Son Jesus Christ, if you believe.

If you don’t believe, now is the perfect time to make the decision to believe. Just pray this simple prayer.

Dear, Lord Jesus I am a sinner and have done many things wrong. I believe you died for my sins, and I ask you now to forgive me, and I receive your forgiveness. I ask you to be my Savior and Lord. Thank you Jesus. Amen.  

                  © Copyright  1975 Richard L Spangler
Hope you enjoyed this reprint of the poem "We Watched" and the devotion. Have a Blessed Easter Everyone

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Horse Called Hope

By Richard L Spangler

 Those of us who watched the Superbowl 2013, remember the advertisement with Clydesdale foal. The story was about a man who raised a foal. He bottle-fed it, slept with the foal when it became sick, and played with and trained it. The man and the horse (foal) bonded. Then one day a company truck came and took the horse away. The man missed his companion. Three years later the man goes to a parade and the Clydesdales go by. The horse sees the man and as soon as he is free of the carriage, charges off and the man and his horse are reunited. The company asked people to help name the foal seen in the first part of the commercial. Well after more than 60,000 tweets, and Facebook comments “Hope” was one of the most popular names, so the horse is named Hope. I had a realization that people are looking for hope. This was the heart cry of those who submitted the name “Hope” whether they realize it or not.

  The Constant drumbeat of the negativity is tearing the individual down. People are losing or have lost hope. We see this in the “I don’t care”, “What’s the use”, “Nothing will ever change” attitudes gripping our world today. People are giving up, losing faith and losing hope. They are killing themselves and their families and others because they see no hope for the future.

   We as believers can be no different. We also can lose hope. I have lost hope from time to time. There have been times in my life when the circumstances of life have cause me to say, “What the use? I give up.” Nothing going to change.” and “yes” I have prayed, “Lord, take me home.”  This has occurred in my life when I lost sight of God and I let the circumstances I found myself draw me away from my relationship with God. 

    But, there is hope! The Bible states, “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” Romans 15:13(NIV)

    God is a God of hope, He wants each of us hope in Him. Many say, “I have been lied to so many times. Promises have not been kept. Why should I hope? Why should I believe?” God is not human and does not lie, He keeps His promises. God is not human, that he should lie, not a human being, that he should change his mind. Does he speak and then not act? Does he promise and not fulfill?” Numbers 23:19 (NIV) and In the hope of eternal life, which God, who does not lie, promised before the beginning of time,” Titus 1:2 (NIV).

   We as believers must continue to place our hope in God, Our Father, in spite of the circumstances we see around us. This is not always easy, but we must set our minds and hearts on Him. If you trust His time table and that God loves you and knows what you are going through and will keep His promises. He will restore your hope.   

  What about those who live in the world do not know these truths. They do not understand that God loves them, that He is Hope and that He keeps His promises. We, as believers know these truths and we have the responsibility to tell those who are hopeless, there is hope. We must be willing, in these times to stand up and say, “There is a hope and that hope is in Jesus Christ.” This hope is not just for the sweet by and by or when we all get to heaven but it is for the nasty here and now. God is Hope and He is willing to give Himself to you if you are willing to receive Him.

  If you are looking for hope, and want to know how to find it, you contact the 700 Club Prayer Line at 1-800-759-0700.









Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Transformational Experiences

By Richard L Spangler

    A God given experience is just an experience, if we do not allow it to translate into a life transforming experience. God gives us these experiences to transform our lives. When we allow this to happen these experiences become transformational experiences.

   In Ex.24:9-11, the 70 elders of Israel, Aaron, Nabub, Abihu, Moses, and Joshua saw God and they ate and drank with Him. The Bible also states that God did not kill them (which is a good thing). This was a fantastic experience for them. This experience should have been a life transformational experience for them. Sadly, it did not transform the lives of the 70 elders, Nabub, Abihu, and not even Aaron.

We know that when we read Ex.32:1-4, the people asked for a god of gold and a golden calf to be made for them to worship. None of these men stood up to oppose the people, to keep them from sinning. The experience on Mt. Sinai was given by God to transform these men into true leaders, not just men with titles.

  But before we harshly judge these men, we must remember, it is as true for us today as it was for them. God gives us potentially, transformational experiences and we at times, do not allow those experiences to transform us.

We walk away, come from the mountain as it were, thinking that was a great experience and immediately start thinking, ”What’s for lunch? Or what’s so and so doing after church?”

Some Christians become experience junkies. These are people who move from one God experience to the next, always looking for bigger and better experiences. They get that first rush or the high of the experience, but they soon crash, having no real satisfaction.

They do not allow these God experiences to transform them into the Lord’s image. They do not allow themselves to be transformed -- to be drawn to closer to the Lord and to do the work of the ministry that they have been called to do. This is where we all find true satisfaction in the Lord.

We all need to allow these experiences to transform us. We do this by asking the Lord, “What is the specific purpose for us having the experience?" Then, we need to mediate on that purpose. Finally, we must ask the Lord to help us and allow the transformation to take place in our lives.

The Lord Jesus has chosen each of us to be His people and He wants to transform us into a royal priesthood, a Holy Nation that will transform the world in His name.



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