Monday, July 27, 2015

An Army of Angels

Vision of an Army of Angels
By Richard L. Spangler

On June 25, 2015, I was caught up in a vision. I was standing in a great plain in heaven. This plain seem to stretch for hundreds maybe even thousands of miles in every direction. What was unusual is the fact that it was empty say unusual because in heaven nothing is empty every space has purpose. Prayed and asked the Lord what the meaning of this empty plane is, immediately my eyes were open and I saw him standing before me a great army of angels. There were perhaps millions of them standing in rank-and-file. There were archangels there were all different types of warrior angels, the smallest of which were at least 12 foot tall extremely muscular wearing armor flaming swords at their side ready to do battle with they did not move. I then asked to myself why are they not moving? I heard the voice of the Lord saying to me this army has been hidden until this time and is revealed now for this time. They are not moving because I have not arisen to war says the Lord I am and God of War and I will arise with my armies. But my Warrior Bride has not asked me to arise and to fight for her and she has not asked me for this army of angels to come and do battle. Then suddenly around the plain there appeared a host of people they were all praying but they were not praying for the Army to be released they were praying for the church (the Warrior Bride) on earth to ask the father the Lord God to release the Army and to arise and to fight with them and for them. Then, hundreds of those praying stopped and looked at me and asked me why the church is not asking for God to arise and for the release this angelic army. They continue to ask me over and over, I was dumbfounded and had no answer. Suddenly Jesus appeared at my side and he answered those who questioned me. Jesus said, "the reason the church does not pray and ask for the release is there are many who are disheartened and there are many more who do not realize who they are in me." Then Jesus looked at me and said, "You go and teach them who they are, and the power and authority they have in me. I will heal the disheartened so they can be taught who they are. The time is short, and the battle is now, remember you do not battle against flesh and blood but against evil and wickedness in high places. You must move in me to bring down the evil that has taken control of your nation and its government. Now is the time to call out for me to honor the covenants that have been made by your forefathers. Now is the time, for the church, my warrior bride to arise and take her place as my Regent on the earth. To bring forth a great move of the Holy Spirit that billions will come to know me and the course of nations shall be changed. Now is the time, for my church to arise and to roar with the power and authority of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah to stand and to fearlessly proclaim what is right and to go forward doing signs wonders and miracles that have given you to do. Go forth and take back what Satan has stolen from you and from mankind through his deceptions. You can do this I am with you and I have all authority in heaven and earth and when I move nothing can stand against me. This army of angels awaits my command to move with you and with Me.” says the Lord. “Shake yourselves, stir yourselves up from your sleep, put on your armor go forth and make war against the principalities and powers and spiritual wickedness in high places. Call on me, I will go with you and I will release this army of angels to fight alongside you." With this I heard a tremendous roar from the army of angels, it was a deafening war cry and I looked towards them and all them all with flaming swords raised to towards the Throne of Heaven, they were ready for war. I as I have prayed over this vision, a number of things have come to mind. We will look at those Holy Spirit inspired thoughts in the coming weeks. We look at the disheartened as well as teach on who we are in Christ (this is an ongoing revelation, as are all things in God). For those who have some understanding of you are and your authority, begin now to ask God to arise to war and to release this angel army. Also, under the leading of the Holy Spirit come out of your homes, and your churches. Come out of the closet (everyone else has) tell people about the love of God for them, tell them about His righteousness and with the Holy Spirit, do signs, wonders and miracles This will change your street, your community, your city, your state, our country and the world. This will bring about the Day of Saints and the 3nd Great Awakening. The army of angels is waiting but more importantly God is waiting on you.