Friday, November 11, 2016

Press Forward to Victory

by Richard L Spangler

   The following is an exert from my book Adventures in the Spirit A Series of Prophetic Visions. This vison was given in late 2011 and published in 2012. I feel it has strong application for today.


Afterwards, I found myself back in camp of the Army of God. Orders begin to flow from my mouth and from the others who were in the war room. The shofars sound, the troops form up and we begin to march. We soon find ourselves, surrounding this huge stronghold of evil, the fortress of control and manipulation.           

  In the Heavenly War Room the stronghold looked impressive, but standing in front of it, it was massive. The stronghold stretched skyward for what seemed like a hundred miles and all we could see was its thick dark walls.

   There was also a thick cloud of darkness surrounding the stronghold and you could almost taste the evil in the atmosphere. If it were not for the fact, that God had ordained this stronghold to fall, its appearance could cause even the most faithful to spring back.

     We could hear the shouts from the evil forces inside the stronghold. There were tens of thousands of demons inside and they made a terrible noise. The demons screamed at us, “To give up, to drop your shields for this stronghold will never be destroyed.”

This screaming at us raises my faith, I remember that their leader, the devil, is a liar and the father of lies and the truth is not in him. The demons also are liars and cannot tell the truth. So, everything they scream at us is a lie. Suddenly, they unleash waves of fiery arrows at us, but our Shields of Faith absorbed every one of them.

  In unison, the shofars sound and we worship and praise our Lord and Father. At first nothing seems to be happening. The demons begin to laugh at us and mock us. Then an amazing thing happens, the walls of the stronghold begin to crack and the gates begin to dissolve.

  The scripture came to my mind, “the gates of hell shall not prevail against the church.” The demons stopped laughing and starting screaming at us again. This time they yelled for us to stop the attack, for we have already won. At the same time it came to me by the Holy Spirit, “press the attack until this stronghold is completely destroyed. This stronghold has been attacked many times but my people have stopped short of total victory. This is the time for total victory; do not stop until this is done.”

At this, I worshipped and praised God pressing in all the more. The others around me do the same. A great light suddenly breaks out of heaven, striking the stronghold.
The warrior angels poured forth and the stronghold is covered in light, and the light grows brighter and brighter. Until, out of the center of the stronghold an evil force emerged, screaming and streaking away, faster than any missile I have ever seen. The  light (the Glory of God) grew even brighter. I had to close my eyes, as we continued to worship. Finally the worship and praise settles down. I opened my eyes, the stronghold is gone. In its place, is a portal between heaven and earth (what some call an open heaven).

   The portal itself stretches skyward, higher than the stronghold that was there. It is also wider. The portal glows with the Glory of God. Its color is golden and there is a multitude of colors in it and radiating out of it. The Glory of God is flowing out of it onto the earth and angels are ascending and descending.

   Watching all of this, my mind begins to wonder. What was that force of evil that flew over us?

The Holy Spirit answers, “That was the principality of control and manipulation fleeing. Do not worry about him, his day is almost done and his judgment is coming soon.”   

  We all start worshipping and we hear the voice of the Lord saying, “I will take back what is mine, I will restore and I will renew, I will bring My Glory to every corner of the earth once again. No power or principality will be able to stop what I have ordained to do. This is the hour of victory and restoration for my people and the restoration of My Glory covering the earth, as the waters cover the sea.”

Many in the church have been praying for the evil that was hidden to be revealed and for the stronghold of evil in our government to be revealed. We have seen this in the recent in events in our nation and yes we have some victories.

  But, we must press the attack in the spirit realm, we must continue to war is prayer, worship  and actions until this stronghold is completely brought down. We cannot allow this thing to rebuild and become stronger after this partial victory. We must press the attack against this stronghold until we have complete victory for the glory of God and for the sake of our nation and the nations of the earth.  
  It is my prayer that you will joint me and others in continuing to press this attack through prayer and worship until we have complete victory over this stronghold and the power in it.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Pray for Your City

As I reflect on, the United Cry 16 in D.C., Azusa Now in L.A. and Houston and prayer meetings across this country and Canada on Saturday April 9,2016, this is what I sense from the Holy Spirit .Today as we pray we Will be not only bring about a move of the Holy Spirit in North America but we will be raising a wall. This wall, is a wall of protection of God for North America. It will run from D.C. north along the east coast of the United States and Canada. It will run south... along the east coast coming around and moving west along the Gulf Coast connecting with the wall running from Houston to the east. The Houston connection will not only run east but will also run west protecting the southern border of the United States and connecting with the L.A. portion of the wall running east. The L.A. Prayer Wall will run the length of West Coast of United States and Canada reaching the farest points of Alaska and Canada, also reaching across the Pacific Ocean to Hawaii. This is far greater and more powerful than any physical wall and must be maintained by the prayers of the Saints of God! !
So today, raising this Wall of the Lord God's Protection and maintaining it is just the end of beginning of what God is doing in North America, so saints let's get to work, relying on the Holy Spirit to lead us into another Great Awakening that will not only effect the United States and Canada but every nation and people group on earth!!!

It is with these events in mind, and following the leading of the Holy Spirit, that I asking everyone join us in "Praying for Your City" April 23, 2016 at 10 a.m. (your local time). Check out the event at
Pray for Your City

Friday, February 12, 2016

The Adam Relationship

As we know, God is restoring all things. When we say this we are thinking of the restoration of the 5-fold ministry and gifts of the Spirit. Then, all members of the Body of Christ doing the work of the ministry.

 But, the Lord is restoring beyond those things. His will and purpose is to restore our relationship with Him. This relationship goes beyond the relationship that King David had, beyond what Joshua and Moses had, beyond what Enoch enjoyed. As wonderful as these relationships were, God wants to bring us back to the relationship that Adam had in the Garden of Eden.

  This a place of not only knowing the Will of God for our lives, not only knowing His Voice and seeing what He is doing and moving with Him but knowing Him intimately.  It is a place of knowing His footsteps and not only hearing His heartbeat but that we will know what it is to be in the center of His Heart.

This is the Call of Father God for each of us. This is the purpose of sending His Son Jesus Christ and the giving us the Fullness of the Holy Spirit overflowing our lives.

  Sadly, many of us never even move beyond the basics of being saved and being filled with the Holy Spirit but there is a desire for more but many never get to the more of God. This creates a sense of frustration in our spirits and eventually leads many to settle for what that have. There are others who attempt to do it in their own strength. This often leads to a legalistic life of reading so much of Word of God, and praying many hours a day. These things are good as tools and need to happen but the Word without the Spirit and prayer without the Spirit lead only to an intellectual knowledge about the relationship with God.


So, how do we reach the relationship that God has purposed us and created us to be in with Him. This requires a shift in the way we do things for God. It requires a shift in our attitude about our relationship with God, our Father. We must realize that relationship is more than what we do for Him.  

   Relationship comes from spending time with one another not just in the doing of things.  The time factor is key. Sadly, many do what has been mentioned above, read the Bible, some study the Bible (there is a difference) and they pray. This is where most of us stumble, we make prayer a one-way litany of our needs with a little praise and thanksgiving to top it off. Then, we are out the door, expecting an answer, but never taking time to listen or spend time with the one we are praying to.

   Listening is the beginning of relationship. Psalm 46:10 the NRSV, NIV, ESV, KJV all translate this way, “Be still, and know that I am God.” The NASB says,” Cease striving and know that I am God” and the AMP version, “Let be and be still, and know (recognize and understand) that I am God.” In all of these translations, God is saying to us to “stop” realize Who I Am.

How do we be still and start listening? I started, 8 years ago, by stopping for 5 minutes at the start of each day, now this means turning off all distractions in our lives, TV, computers, tablets and yes cell phones, and I inviting God come. I would say this: “Father I want to be with you, come and be with me.” Then, I would wait, thinking on God, with expectation that He would come. This takes some training to keep your mind from wandering off to other things but you can do it as I did.

 Since then my time with the Father has grown and grown, it how goes well beyond the 5 minutes, it is developing into more and more intimate relationship with God.

  It has become a knowing that God is with me every day, all day and this fact makes my life exciting and an Adventure in the Spirit, daily.

   Salvation opens the way. Being filled with Holy Spirit gives us the power. Studying the Word of God gives us knowledge and prayer starts the communication. Taking time to invite God to come and be with us, waiting and listening for Him are the first steps in the restoration of the Adam Relationship in our lives.

 There is much more to come. You can begin to experience this relationship with God. God wants you to have it, all you have to do is willing to spend time with Him.


Monday, November 16, 2015

The Power Behind ISIS

By Richard L. Spangler

(In light of the recent attacks in Paris, I feel the need to republish this article on ISIS. I hope it blesses you and you will answer the call of the Holy Spirit).

Most people are concerned and rightly so about the rise of ISIS. The brutality of these Islamic Terrorists, the mass executions and beheadings, are shocking. I began asking the Lord Jesus to reveal the spirit behind these terrorists and how do we as believers’ war against the power behind ISIS and defeat it and them.
I was recently led into a study of Jonah and was then led by the Holy Spirit to take a look at Nineveh. Most of us know some of the story Jonah and Nineveh and how Jonah did not want to go there because they were an evil people and an enemy of Israel. As I looked deeper into Nineveh, I found it was the capital of the Assyrian Empire and it was brutal its enemies and its own people. The leaders of Nineveh would use terror and brutality in order to maintain control over the empire. Their methods included, mass beheadings and making pyramids out of the heads, impaling people on stakes (an early form of crucifixion) and nailing bodies to the walls of the various cities in empire. This sounds strangely familiar to what is being done today by ISIS.
This is more than a man or a group of individuals doing these things for a short time in history. As we have seen these tactics have been used for thousands of years and have been used in the same region of the earth for the same purpose to control and rule over man by whatever means necessary. It is an evil principality causing men to control and manipulate mankind. It can be called the Assyrian Principality. Control over men is a tool that this principality uses to wage war against God and to stop the Word of God from being fulfilled. This is why all of these men and empires and governments have a demonically inspired hatred of Jews and Christians and an overwhelming drive to wipe out all Jews and Christians.
I asked the Lord, “How do we fight an evil spirit which is a principality?”
The Lord said, “You don’t, I do. Ask Me to rise up and fight.”
I then asked, “How do we ask?”
The Lord spoke, “Call upon all the Young Lions of Judah, and tell them how is the time to roar in Spirit. To raise the sound of praise and worship from every corner of the earth and intercede for mankind.”
I pondered for days about the Lord had said. Then I woke up one day an hour and half early by the Spirit and I was immediately and passionately worshipping the Lord God, Our Father. Then I found myself transitioning by the Holy Spirit. He led me into repentance for my sins. There was a release of forgiveness that was amazing and could not help but worship God more.
Then I found myself crying out for forgiveness for the Church as a whole. The Spirit then moved me to cry out for forgiveness for our nation. And remind the Lord of the covenant with this nation. After this, I began declaring His faithfulness to Israel and to His Bride (the Church). Then I began to declare that the Lord magnifies His Word above His Name (Psalm 138:2 AMP).
With that I cried out for the Lord God to arise and defend His Word from the Assyrian Principality, who has declared war on His people Israel, His Bride (the Church) and His Holy Word. I called on the Lord God of Heaven and Earth to wage war against this principality destroying its stronghold on the earth and totally defeating it and bringing confusion to its servants (men) on the earth. I Worshiped and Praised God for the victory.
This experience in worship and intersession is the guideline for the Young Lions of Judah to stand and roar in the Spirit against the Assyrian Principality and its allies. It’s time for the Young Lions to Roar.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Run Your Race with Compassion

By Richard L Spangler
Recently, I completed the challenge of walking the Virginia Beach Rock N Roll Half Marathon. I had never done anything like this before. It took two years of training and discipline, and a lot of support from family and friends, as well as mountain of prayer. So at sixty years old, this man who had a quadruple heart by-pass surgery seven years ago started the race.

   What started as a personal goal two years ago, graduated to a 13.1-mile prayer walk for the seven cities of Hampton Roads, the Commonwealth of Virginia and our nation. If that was enough, I found myself saying thank you to the police officers, firemen and women and the rescue personnel along the race route. Many of these men and women had a surprised look on their faces and smiled and thanked me in return.  Soon others, who were moving at the same pace I was also began to do the same thing. This was showing thankfulness and compassion to our first responders.

 Somewhere, close to the half way point most everyone including myself became very focused on the race. Going down this wooded road with ditches on both sides a fellow race participant caught my attention. She had moved off the road and was holding on to the speed limit sign. I passed her but felt the urging of the Holy Spirit to go back. I asked, “Are you okay?” she said, “Yes” I started to walk away and hear the Holy Spirit say, “She’s NOT okay.” I went back and asked again. This time she said, “I am having problems keeping my balance and walking straight. Can I use your arm to get me to the center of the road and to steady me?” I said, “Yes. There is a water station just down the road, I will you get there.”

 We got to the water station and she thanked me. Out of my mouth came “I Will walk with you some more to make sure your okay.” As we walked she began holding my arm again.  I asked, a couple of times if she wanted medical help? She said, “No, she wanted to complete the race.” After a short distance she said, I think I need the paramedics. “As we came out of the wooded area there sat a rescue unit. I yelled for their help and they came over to assist the lady.

 I finished the race about 20 minutes later than I would have but I still finished. As I thought about the day’s events, I realized that many running their race were so focused on their finish they missed an opportunity to show compassion to someone else. 

 We as believers are running our race for the prize of the crown of glory (1 Corinthians 9:24 and Hebrews 12:1) but we are also to run the race with compassion.  Jesus was moved with compassion, Matthew 9:35-37. Matthew 14:13-21 the feeding of the 5000 started with compassion. And again in Matthew 15:29-38 4000 fed. Luke 7:11-15 The raising of the Widow’s son and Matthew 20:30-34 the blinds eyes opened, were done as Jesus was moved with compassion. Webster’s Dictionary defines compassion:  sympathetic consciousness of others' distress together with a desire to alleviate it.

  We as believers, we will finish our race but we need to be moved with compassion as Christ was. I believe our planned works for the Lord will earn us rewards. But, it is our unplanned acts of compassion, prompted by the Holy Spirit that we hear “Will done my good and faithful servant…”  

  Run your race and run it well, by keeping your eyes and ears open for acts of compassion along your course, so that you will not only finish the race but will hear “Well Done...”