Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Third Level Blessing

By Richard L. Spangler
(At the urging of the Holy Spirit, I am reposting this article. I hope it Blesses you.)

 While attending a Ministering Spiritual Gifts Conference I heard a teaching by
Apostle John Burkholder of Buffalo, NY. Apostle Burkholder taught on Luke 6:38,
Give and it will be given to you a good measure, pressed down, shaken together
and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it
will be measured to you.”

             He stated, that he prays this over his offerings regularly. One day as he was                  
praying  this verse, God spoke to him that he was praying it wrong. Apostle John
asked how that he was praying it wrong. The Lord stated it was not enough to pray
for his offering to blessed, but he needed to pray for those who the Lord spoke to:
 to give to him to be blessed, so that they could give.

Then the Lord took it to another level, not only was to pray for blessings for those who were to give to him but also pray for those who were to bless the givers so that they could bless the givers. This is a third level blessing.
This takes blessing others to a whole different level; it takes it beyond simple
addition into multiplication of blessings. God is a God of multiplication. We see at
creation in Genesis how God commanded everything living thing to be fruitful and
multiply (not add).

 This is true in blessings as well as praying for others to be blessed. If we pray in the
matter stated above, our blessings will be multiplied as well.  So as you give your
tithes and offerings, pray for those who are to give to you, to be blessed, and also for
hose who are to bless them to receive a blessing.
Here is a personal example. I prayed over my offering that afternoon and on Sunday
at church. Now my wife has had some physical issues that prevented her from
working for more than two years. (God has been faithful in His provision for us).
  We and her doctors agreed that she should apply for disability. So, she set down and
filled out all the paperwork and submitted it. Her claim was promptly rejected. She
appealed. We were to go to an appeals hearing on the next Tuesday. I was told that I
could say nothing during the hearing, so I just sat there and prayed quietly in the
Spirit. The judge stated that it appeared my wife qualified and that we would be
notified in 7 to 10 days of his decision. We were excited and praised God. It gets
better, our attorney called on Friday, stating that the judge’s decision had already
been given and he ruled in our favor! She stated it would at least two months before
we received any back payments (two years’ worth) and then monthly checks. We
again rejoiced. Then on the following Tuesday, the lawyer called, stating she did not
understand it but the checked was already processed and mailed. We were stunned. On Friday we received a check for two years’ worth of back payments. Praise the
Lord.  We tithed on what we received and I again prayed over it and now waiting to
see what God does now.

            Again I want to encourage you, when you give your tithes and offerings praying for God’s blessing. Then go beyond that praying for others to be blessed so they can bless you. Finally, take it to third level of blessing, praying for those to be blessed that are to bless those who are to bless you. Then, watch and see what God will do.



Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Lion's Voice Ministries: Breakthrough, Prophetic Word March 12, 2014

Lion's Voice Ministries: Breakthrough, Prophetic Word March 12, 2014: By Richard L. Spangler     I hear the Lord saying, I have heard many of you crying out for breakthrough, for breakthrough, for brea...

Breakthrough, Prophetic Word March 12, 2014

By Richard L. Spangler

    I hear the Lord saying, I have heard many of you crying out for breakthrough, for breakthrough, for breakthrough and many of you have been tried knocking down the wall yourself. Many of you have tried to knock the wall down by yourself But you keep being pushed back.

  Stand Still and Worship Me. Stand still and my glory will create the door. My door will be open. For I will open a door that no man can shut, for you to walk through. Your breakthrough will come as you walk through with me in my glory.

  This is my time of creating doors in walls. It is a time of my glory. So stand back and watch the door be created and watch it be swung open wide for you says, the Lord of Hosts. Amen.  

                  ©COPYRIGHT 2014 RICHARD L SPANGLER

Saturday, March 1, 2014


This was first published January 1, 2014.I felt the leading of the Holy Spirit republish this Word Today

By Richard L Spangler

  I began seeking the Lord for a word for 2014. I heard in my spirit, “A Flood.” Then I asked the Lord, “What He meant by “A flood.” Then there began an unfolding in my spirit.

  Many people talk about the River of God, and about being in the River of God and the joy of being in the river. There are those who dive in, dip their toes in and those who just drink from the river. Many are happy to stay on the banks of the river enjoying the presence of God that comes from the river. They see it as a peaceful, restful and refreshing place. But I heard from the Lord, “Rivers flood” and like natural rivers the River of God floods.

  Rivers when they flood are powerful, overflowing forces that cannot be stopped. Rivers at flood stage sweep everything in their path away. Destroying buildings, trees and rearranging the landscape. A powerful destructive force. So it with the River of God at flood stage.

  The River of God at flood stage, changes both the spiritual and physical landscapes. This flood will sweep away everything temporal (manmade) in the church. It will clean the landscape for what is to come. It will renew and nourish the church. Washing away the chains of religious spirits and traditions.

What is to come is a clear flow of My Spirit to renew and to build up my people. There are those who have been held down but know me, walk with me and know my voice and walk in obedience. These will rise as the flood rises. As it was with the ark of Noah so it will be them. They are in the ark of relationship with me and will cause them to rise in the spirit and in the natural.  

  Then I heard the Lord say; “There will be Fire! Not a little fire that warms and can be controlled. Many say, “They love my fire. They think they know My Fire. But the Fire of Spirit will seem to be a Firestorm, uncontrolled by man.”

 A fire in the natural clears the land removes what is dead and removes the under growth that chokes out life. It also removes those things that are alive but are weak and sick. It prepares the way for the new. So it is in the spirit.

 When the firestorm of My Spirit rolls through my church, it will remove that which is dead, it will cause repentance and remove sin, it will melt away religious chains and traditions. It will prepare my people to receive what I am doing and going to do in the earth. I want a pure people, who know me and hear my voice with clarity and will move will me.

  What is coming will sweep the earth, freeing billions from the chains of sin and dead. It will release my manifest glory upon the earth.

This is year ordinated for this to begin to happen for I will have a pure people and it is my desire for all to repent and know me.

  Then I asked the Lord, “How can there be both a flood and fire at the same time?” I heard the Lord say; “Mount Saint Helens.”

  I researched Mt. Saint Helens and found there was both a fire and a flood. When the mountain exploded there was an unleashing of a firestorm and as the mountain moved it forced water out of Spirit Lake creating a massive flood. Both the fire and flood changed the landscape and cleared the land and today there is new growth everywhere on the mountain.

  There is an explosion in the realm of the spirit. There is an explosion of the Holy Spirit and the effects are roaring down the Mountain of God. Get ready don’t be unprepared for what is coming for it is already on its way and will be here in 2014.      

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Lion's Voice Ministries: The Third Level Blessing

Please be blessed by this teaching. Lion's Voice Ministries: The Third Level Blessing: By Richard L. Spangler   While attending a Ministering Spiritual Gifts Conference I heard a teaching by Apostle John Burkholder of B...