Monday, October 16, 2017

The Young Lions of Judah Part 2 (Taking the Mountains of Influence)

By Richard L. Spangler

 I went for my morning walk on Rosh Hashanah. As I was walking, I began to ponder what happened to the Young Lions. I was almost immediately caught up in a vision.

 I found myself standing on one of the Mountains of Influence. All around me there were demons. I felt a hand on my shoulder and there beside me stood Jesus. Jesus said, “Fear not. I have shielded you from the demons. As with me, they cannot see you or even sense we are here. Watch.”

 I began to watch. But not only could I watch but I could sense what these demons were feeling. They had feelings of arrogance; this mountain belonged to them, and all that was on it was theirs’.

There were people on the mountain. They were influenced by the demons to make large heavy chains for themselves. They also made chains for other people. The people gladly accepted the chains and put them on themselves, as if they were receiving a coveted award. What they didn’t realize was that the chains were weighing them down, keeping them from becoming what they wanted to be.

The demons heard the roar of lions from off in the distance. They stopped and looked up, but turned back to their work, unconcerned by the sound. Their arrogance rose up again. Some said, “This is our mountain. We have had it for a long time. It will always be ours.” The others nodded in agreement.

Suddenly, at the base of the mountain, an army of Young Lions of Judah appeared, surrounding the mountain.  The lions began to roar, and the mountain started shaking. The demons were stunned but quickly recovered. They began to scream at the lions, all sorts of lies and those people under their began to do the same.

The lions ignored the lies and moved up the mountain. As the lions came near the demons, the started to run. But the lions were too quick for the demons, and they overtook them. The Lions bounced on the demons. Then, using their mouths, grabbed the demons by their necks.

( At this point, I wondered why the lions grabbed these disgusting creatures with their mouths. Then it came to me, “They overcame them by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony.” Words come out of the mouth.)

The Lions lifted the demons off the ground and tossed them high into the air( like a child throwing a rag doll) and off the mountain. Then, lions would roar again and move to strike down the next demon.

In the midst of this battle, when the lions came across a person that was chained or one under that was under the influence of the demons, they changed. The lion's faces became as lambs; they began to love these people with the love of God and chains fell off.

I looked up the mountain, the principality, was ordering more demons to attack the lions. At this point, the second wave of more powerful lions joined the attack.  Tossing the demons even higher into the air and they were landing in the valley with a resounding thud.

The principality called out to the other mountains for reinforcements. I look towards the other mountains, and they were also under attack from the Lions of Judah. Demons everywhere are losing the mountains. The third wave of lions arrives and begin bounding up the mountain towards the principality.  The principality cries out for help. In the distance, a black cloud rises and begins to move towards the mountains. I can see it is a massive army of demon warriors charging towards the mountains. I this point, I look at Jesus, and he says, “Now.”

Immediately, there appears an army of warrior angels. The angels were twice the size of the largest demon and outnumbered the demon army two to one. The angels stopped the demons in the tracks.

 When, the principality, began to retreat, throwing more demons into the path of the lions but nothing stopped the lions. The third wave of lions reached the principality. They all grabbed the principality, and they all tossed principality high into the air. The principality goes so high that I could no longer see him.  I look away from the mountain, and I see a cloud of black dust rising, I assume that is where the principality has landed.

The Lions are now on the top of the mountain, and they begin to roar in praise to our God. The people who have been set free joint in with choruses of praise and worship.

The demons try to counter-attack and are easily defeated each time they attack. The war continues for what seems like years and years. Time is flying by faster than I can comprehend.

All, at once there is a blinding flash of holy light. When I can see again, all the Lions and people they have set free are gone. There is a silence everywhere. Even the demons are stunned into silence at what just happened. Off in the distance, a black cloud descends and starts covering the earth.

 I look at Jesus, and he says, “It’s time to go.”

I find myself, back walking and making my turn towards home.


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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The Young Lions of Judah

By Richard L. Spangler

The Lord spoke to me about fifteen years ago that He was going to show me the Young Lions of Judah and that I was to encourage them in who they are to become. At first, I only saw a few here and there, but now I am beginning to see them everywhere I go. Recently, the Lord gave me this vision about the Young Lions of Judah.

I was caught up in the Spirit and found myself standing on top of a high mountain.  I look down and see a large valley, extending as far as the eye can see. In the distance, I see other mountains surrounding the valley.

I see something moving in the mountains; I focus my eyes on one of the mountains, and to my surprise, I see young lions, male and female moving over the top of the mountain and down into the valley. It is the same on each mountain, 1,000’s and multiplied 1,000’s of lions, all moving into the Valley.

I was expecting to see a lot of fighting among the lions to establish their seniority and authority. Instead, the lions acknowledged each other and seemly took up assigned positions in the valley. The movement continued until the valley was full of lions. Suddenly, all the lions bow their heads and then raised their heads and roared in unison. The roar of all these lions was deafening and shook the mountain.

 I wonder what all this means. I hear the voice of the Lord behind me, I turn around, and there stands Jesus.

Jesus spoke, “You are looking at the Valley of Judah. The Lions that have gathered here are the Young Lions of Judah.

I have commanded them to gather. They have come from their caves and dens, where I kept them until this time. Now is their time.The roar was their worship, and it shakes both the spiritual and physical realms, for they worship in the unity of the Holy Spirit. But, there is more, Watch.”

I turn back to look at the lions. The Lions begin separating into eight different lions prides. Seven of the lion prides move off in seven different directions, but the eighth pride remained in the Valley.

 Before I can ask the Lord explains, “The seven pride of lions are moving to take the seven mountains of influence. The eighth pride remains behind to worship and train.”

 I asked, “Train?”

The Lord says, “Watch.”

I look and see more young lions coming. These lions are bigger and stronger than the first group that gathered. I watched, as the lions that remained behind, move among this new group, guiding them to their positions in the valley. The eighth group grew larger and even more powerful than the new group as they did the work they were assigned. Once, they were all gathered, and in position, the eighth group of young lions roared. Then, all the lions roared in unison of worship. Their worship sent shock waves of power into the atmosphere. The mountain I am standing on began shaking more violently than before. I could barely stand during the roar and as the mountain shook.

Then as before, lion prides formed. Seven of the lion prides move off to the seven mountains of influence. The eighth pride remained behind. There was a difference, as I watched this eighth pride, these lions grew even larger and more powerful as the other lions were leaving. Again I looked towards the mountains surrounding the Valley of Judah, and more lions were coming. These lions were even bigger and more powerful than the second group of lions. The eighth lion pride did their work, guiding this new group of lions. The lions of this eighth pride continued to grow even larger and stronger as they did their work.  Again, the lions, roared, together, in worship. The sound of their roar was deafening, with explosions of power in the atmosphere. The shaking of the mountain was so strong that I could not stand.  

This time, almost all the lions left the Valley of Judah and moved towards the seven mountains of influence. The small pride of lions that remained continued roaring, and the mountains continually shook under the power of their worship.

I looked to the Lord and began to speak, “The second group of lions is the children of the first group. The third group is the children of the second.  The children, have the DNA of parents and learned from them, growing larger and stronger than their parents.”

I started to ask a question, but the Lord continued. “This does not involve chronological age but the heart of the individual.  There are many Young Lions of Judah that have gray hair on the outside, but I have kept the hearts young, and I will give them strength to do what they are called to do.”

The vision closed and I  got a sense of the timing in my spirit. The first group of Young Lions is gathering now. The next group of lions will come together in about ten years, and the third group will come about ten years later.


Thursday, July 13, 2017


By Richard L. Spangler
Many in the church are asking, praying, and believing for a great global awakening. Many prophets are hearing from God that he is indeed moving and a billion souls will be coming to Christ in this awakening. How is this going to happen? Is God, by the Holy Spirit going to move in a great massive move on people’s hearts, and instantly be a billion conversions to Christ happen? God could do that, but he wants to do it through you. His call to you is to be “All In.”

The phrase “All in” means to be totally committed to something.  Prime examples of this are found in 2 Chronicles 2 – 7:3. King Solomon and all Israel were totally committed to building the Temple. We see the results of being “All in” in 2 Chronicles 5:11-14, “the glory and brilliance of the Lord filled the house of God” This happens again after Solomon’s prayer of dedication 2 Chronicles 7:1-3. A fire comes down from heaven consumes the burnt offerings, and the sacrifices. The Shekinah fill the House of God and all the people see it and worship God.  

Another example is found in Acts 1:12-Acts 2. There were 120 disciples gathered in the upper room waiting for days for the promised Holy Spirit.  They were “all in.” Remember they were in Israel, to say the least, a very warm location at that time of year. A room with a 120 people in it was hot, cramped, and uncomfortable. They gave up their normal lives. They knew Jesus and were committed to waiting for the promise. We know the results of their being “All in.” The Holy Spirit came, and the church was born, and 3000 were added in one day.

God is calling us to be “All in,” committed to having an intimate relationship with Him. Listen to His voice and do what he says. Be a part of this great global awakening that is coming.  Billions of people are hanging in the balance. The question is, “Are you willing to be, “All In?”


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Saturday, February 11, 2017

By Richard L. Spangler
(At the urging of the Holy Spirit, I am reposting this article. I hope it Blesses you.)

 While attending a Ministering Spiritual Gifts Conference I heard a teaching by
Apostle John Burkholder of Buffalo, NY. Apostle Burkholder taught on Luke 6:38,
Give and it will be given to you a good measure, pressed down, shaken together
and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it
will be measured to you.”

             He stated, that he prays this over his offerings regularly. One day as he was                  
praying  this verse, God spoke to him that he was praying it wrong. Apostle John
asked how that he was praying it wrong. The Lord stated it was not enough to pray
for his offering to blessed, but he needed to pray for those who the Lord spoke to:
 to give to him to be blessed, so that they could give.

Then the Lord took it to another level, not only was to pray for blessings for those who were to give to him but also pray for those who were to bless the givers so that they could bless the givers. This is a third level blessing.
This takes blessing others to a whole different level; it takes it beyond simple
addition into multiplication of blessings. God is a God of multiplication. We see at
creation in Genesis how God commanded everything living thing to be fruitful and
multiply (not add).

 This is true in blessings as well as praying for others to be blessed. If we pray in the
matter stated above, our blessings will be multiplied as well.  So as you give your
tithes and offerings, pray for those who are to give to you, to be blessed, and also for
hose who are to bless them to receive a blessing.
Here is a personal example. I prayed over my offering that afternoon and on Sunday
at church. Now my wife has had some physical issues that prevented her from
working for more than two years. (God has been faithful in His provision for us).
  We and her doctors agreed that she should apply for disability. So, she set down and
filled out all the paperwork and submitted it. Her claim was promptly rejected. She
appealed. We were to go to an appeals hearing on the next Tuesday. I was told that I
could say nothing during the hearing, so I just sat there and prayed quietly in the
Spirit. The judge stated that it appeared my wife qualified and that we would be
notified in 7 to 10 days of his decision. We were excited and praised God. It gets
better, our attorney called on Friday, stating that the judge’s decision had already
been given and he ruled in our favor! She stated it would at least two months before
we received any back payments (two years’ worth) and then monthly checks. We
again rejoiced. Then on the following Tuesday, the lawyer called, stating she did not
understand it but the checked was already processed and mailed. We were stunned. On Friday we received a check for two years’ worth of back payments. Praise the
Lord.  We tithed on what we received and I again prayed over it and now waiting to
see what God does now.

            Again I want to encourage you, when you give your tithes and offerings praying for God’s blessing. Then go beyond that praying for others to be blessed so they can bless you. Finally, take it to third level of blessing, praying for those to be blessed that are to bless those who are to bless you. Then, watch and see what God will do.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Press Forward to Victory

by Richard L Spangler

   The following is an exert from my book Adventures in the Spirit A Series of Prophetic Visions. This vison was given in late 2011 and published in 2012. I feel it has strong application for today.


Afterwards, I found myself back in camp of the Army of God. Orders begin to flow from my mouth and from the others who were in the war room. The shofars sound, the troops form up and we begin to march. We soon find ourselves, surrounding this huge stronghold of evil, the fortress of control and manipulation.           

  In the Heavenly War Room the stronghold looked impressive, but standing in front of it, it was massive. The stronghold stretched skyward for what seemed like a hundred miles and all we could see was its thick dark walls.

   There was also a thick cloud of darkness surrounding the stronghold and you could almost taste the evil in the atmosphere. If it were not for the fact, that God had ordained this stronghold to fall, its appearance could cause even the most faithful to spring back.

     We could hear the shouts from the evil forces inside the stronghold. There were tens of thousands of demons inside and they made a terrible noise. The demons screamed at us, “To give up, to drop your shields for this stronghold will never be destroyed.”

This screaming at us raises my faith, I remember that their leader, the devil, is a liar and the father of lies and the truth is not in him. The demons also are liars and cannot tell the truth. So, everything they scream at us is a lie. Suddenly, they unleash waves of fiery arrows at us, but our Shields of Faith absorbed every one of them.

  In unison, the shofars sound and we worship and praise our Lord and Father. At first nothing seems to be happening. The demons begin to laugh at us and mock us. Then an amazing thing happens, the walls of the stronghold begin to crack and the gates begin to dissolve.

  The scripture came to my mind, “the gates of hell shall not prevail against the church.” The demons stopped laughing and starting screaming at us again. This time they yelled for us to stop the attack, for we have already won. At the same time it came to me by the Holy Spirit, “press the attack until this stronghold is completely destroyed. This stronghold has been attacked many times but my people have stopped short of total victory. This is the time for total victory; do not stop until this is done.”

At this, I worshipped and praised God pressing in all the more. The others around me do the same. A great light suddenly breaks out of heaven, striking the stronghold.
The warrior angels poured forth and the stronghold is covered in light, and the light grows brighter and brighter. Until, out of the center of the stronghold an evil force emerged, screaming and streaking away, faster than any missile I have ever seen. The  light (the Glory of God) grew even brighter. I had to close my eyes, as we continued to worship. Finally the worship and praise settles down. I opened my eyes, the stronghold is gone. In its place, is a portal between heaven and earth (what some call an open heaven).

   The portal itself stretches skyward, higher than the stronghold that was there. It is also wider. The portal glows with the Glory of God. Its color is golden and there is a multitude of colors in it and radiating out of it. The Glory of God is flowing out of it onto the earth and angels are ascending and descending.

   Watching all of this, my mind begins to wonder. What was that force of evil that flew over us?

The Holy Spirit answers, “That was the principality of control and manipulation fleeing. Do not worry about him, his day is almost done and his judgment is coming soon.”   

  We all start worshipping and we hear the voice of the Lord saying, “I will take back what is mine, I will restore and I will renew, I will bring My Glory to every corner of the earth once again. No power or principality will be able to stop what I have ordained to do. This is the hour of victory and restoration for my people and the restoration of My Glory covering the earth, as the waters cover the sea.”

Many in the church have been praying for the evil that was hidden to be revealed and for the stronghold of evil in our government to be revealed. We have seen this in the recent in events in our nation and yes we have some victories.

  But, we must press the attack in the spirit realm, we must continue to war is prayer, worship  and actions until this stronghold is completely brought down. We cannot allow this thing to rebuild and become stronger after this partial victory. We must press the attack against this stronghold until we have complete victory for the glory of God and for the sake of our nation and the nations of the earth.  
  It is my prayer that you will joint me and others in continuing to press this attack through prayer and worship until we have complete victory over this stronghold and the power in it.