Monday, November 16, 2015

The Power Behind ISIS

By Richard L. Spangler

(In light of the recent attacks in Paris, I feel the need to republish this article on ISIS. I hope it blesses you and you will answer the call of the Holy Spirit).

Most people are concerned and rightly so about the rise of ISIS. The brutality of these Islamic Terrorists, the mass executions and beheadings, are shocking. I began asking the Lord Jesus to reveal the spirit behind these terrorists and how do we as believers’ war against the power behind ISIS and defeat it and them.
I was recently led into a study of Jonah and was then led by the Holy Spirit to take a look at Nineveh. Most of us know some of the story Jonah and Nineveh and how Jonah did not want to go there because they were an evil people and an enemy of Israel. As I looked deeper into Nineveh, I found it was the capital of the Assyrian Empire and it was brutal its enemies and its own people. The leaders of Nineveh would use terror and brutality in order to maintain control over the empire. Their methods included, mass beheadings and making pyramids out of the heads, impaling people on stakes (an early form of crucifixion) and nailing bodies to the walls of the various cities in empire. This sounds strangely familiar to what is being done today by ISIS.
This is more than a man or a group of individuals doing these things for a short time in history. As we have seen these tactics have been used for thousands of years and have been used in the same region of the earth for the same purpose to control and rule over man by whatever means necessary. It is an evil principality causing men to control and manipulate mankind. It can be called the Assyrian Principality. Control over men is a tool that this principality uses to wage war against God and to stop the Word of God from being fulfilled. This is why all of these men and empires and governments have a demonically inspired hatred of Jews and Christians and an overwhelming drive to wipe out all Jews and Christians.
I asked the Lord, “How do we fight an evil spirit which is a principality?”
The Lord said, “You don’t, I do. Ask Me to rise up and fight.”
I then asked, “How do we ask?”
The Lord spoke, “Call upon all the Young Lions of Judah, and tell them how is the time to roar in Spirit. To raise the sound of praise and worship from every corner of the earth and intercede for mankind.”
I pondered for days about the Lord had said. Then I woke up one day an hour and half early by the Spirit and I was immediately and passionately worshipping the Lord God, Our Father. Then I found myself transitioning by the Holy Spirit. He led me into repentance for my sins. There was a release of forgiveness that was amazing and could not help but worship God more.
Then I found myself crying out for forgiveness for the Church as a whole. The Spirit then moved me to cry out for forgiveness for our nation. And remind the Lord of the covenant with this nation. After this, I began declaring His faithfulness to Israel and to His Bride (the Church). Then I began to declare that the Lord magnifies His Word above His Name (Psalm 138:2 AMP).
With that I cried out for the Lord God to arise and defend His Word from the Assyrian Principality, who has declared war on His people Israel, His Bride (the Church) and His Holy Word. I called on the Lord God of Heaven and Earth to wage war against this principality destroying its stronghold on the earth and totally defeating it and bringing confusion to its servants (men) on the earth. I Worshiped and Praised God for the victory.
This experience in worship and intersession is the guideline for the Young Lions of Judah to stand and roar in the Spirit against the Assyrian Principality and its allies. It’s time for the Young Lions to Roar.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Run Your Race with Compassion

By Richard L Spangler
Recently, I completed the challenge of walking the Virginia Beach Rock N Roll Half Marathon. I had never done anything like this before. It took two years of training and discipline, and a lot of support from family and friends, as well as mountain of prayer. So at sixty years old, this man who had a quadruple heart by-pass surgery seven years ago started the race.

   What started as a personal goal two years ago, graduated to a 13.1-mile prayer walk for the seven cities of Hampton Roads, the Commonwealth of Virginia and our nation. If that was enough, I found myself saying thank you to the police officers, firemen and women and the rescue personnel along the race route. Many of these men and women had a surprised look on their faces and smiled and thanked me in return.  Soon others, who were moving at the same pace I was also began to do the same thing. This was showing thankfulness and compassion to our first responders.

 Somewhere, close to the half way point most everyone including myself became very focused on the race. Going down this wooded road with ditches on both sides a fellow race participant caught my attention. She had moved off the road and was holding on to the speed limit sign. I passed her but felt the urging of the Holy Spirit to go back. I asked, “Are you okay?” she said, “Yes” I started to walk away and hear the Holy Spirit say, “She’s NOT okay.” I went back and asked again. This time she said, “I am having problems keeping my balance and walking straight. Can I use your arm to get me to the center of the road and to steady me?” I said, “Yes. There is a water station just down the road, I will you get there.”

 We got to the water station and she thanked me. Out of my mouth came “I Will walk with you some more to make sure your okay.” As we walked she began holding my arm again.  I asked, a couple of times if she wanted medical help? She said, “No, she wanted to complete the race.” After a short distance she said, I think I need the paramedics. “As we came out of the wooded area there sat a rescue unit. I yelled for their help and they came over to assist the lady.

 I finished the race about 20 minutes later than I would have but I still finished. As I thought about the day’s events, I realized that many running their race were so focused on their finish they missed an opportunity to show compassion to someone else. 

 We as believers are running our race for the prize of the crown of glory (1 Corinthians 9:24 and Hebrews 12:1) but we are also to run the race with compassion.  Jesus was moved with compassion, Matthew 9:35-37. Matthew 14:13-21 the feeding of the 5000 started with compassion. And again in Matthew 15:29-38 4000 fed. Luke 7:11-15 The raising of the Widow’s son and Matthew 20:30-34 the blinds eyes opened, were done as Jesus was moved with compassion. Webster’s Dictionary defines compassion:  sympathetic consciousness of others' distress together with a desire to alleviate it.

  We as believers, we will finish our race but we need to be moved with compassion as Christ was. I believe our planned works for the Lord will earn us rewards. But, it is our unplanned acts of compassion, prompted by the Holy Spirit that we hear “Will done my good and faithful servant…”  

  Run your race and run it well, by keeping your eyes and ears open for acts of compassion along your course, so that you will not only finish the race but will hear “Well Done...”


Saturday, September 19, 2015

Two Streams:One Prophetic River

                                             By Richard L Spangler

Recently, I have had many people asking me the same question, “Which prophecies are correct?  Are the prophecies concerning a coming judgment and destruction true? Or are the prophecies of Great Awakening and blessings true?” I say both are true. Before you stop reading let me explain.

God has always moved in two prophetic streams. There is always been two choices for mankind to make, first is to follow God and choose life, the second is to follow our own way into God’s judgment and destruction. This is exemplified when God spoke to Israel in Deuteronomy 30:19 (AMP)“ I call heaven and earth to witness this day against you that I have set before you life and death, the blessings and the curses; therefore choose life, that you and your descendants may live." The book of Judges is another example where God says to his people do what is right or face judgment. Every time Israel did evil in God’s sight their enemies were able to overcome them but when they repented and turn to God he would raise up a judge, a deliver, who would set them free and they would prosper. All of the Old Testament prophets had two streams in their prophetic words the first was repent of your sins, return to God he will forgive you and he will cause you to prosper, in other words life. The second stream was one of judgment if you keep going the way you’re going you’re going to be destroyed because of your sin, in other words, death. These warning prophecies were given to Israel and to the nations of the world.

  Today is the same, God is calling to us to choose life and not death. Their prophetic warnings of destruction and God’s judgment on our nation and the nations of the world if we do not change our ways. There is also a prophetic statement of a Great Awakening and blessings coming to the nations if we repent and turn from our evil ways.
  Like Israel, our nation is at the fork in the Prophetic River of God, we can choose to repent and move into a time of great awakening, healing and prosperity or we can continue on the same path we’ve been on and watch our nation self-destruct. We will bring upon ourselves our own destruction and God’s judgment.

   But many ask, “How can the whole nation turn?” The answer is, “It doesn’t have too.” 2 chronicles 7:13-14 (AMP)13 If I shut up the heavens so that no rain falls, or if I command locusts to devour the land, or if I send pestilence and plague among My people, 14 and My people, who are called by My Name, humble themselves, and pray and seek (crave, require as a necessity) My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear [them] from heaven, and forgive their sin and heal their land.” The church, is God’s people, we need to repent and seek the face of God (craving God). There are some that say that the church is not willing to change it has been so corrupted by the world that there is no hope for the church to repent. There is always hope, God has always had a remnant. There were a small numbers people in the Old Testament that cried out to God in repentance for their nation. There were only 120 in the upper room, God heard their prayers, and began to turn the hearts of the people of the world back to himself. The Reformation started with just a few. The first and the Second Great Awakenings and the Azusa St Revival (the Pentecostal/charismatic movements) that have swept the nation and world started with a few people praying .So it is today, there has been a small number of people in the church crying out and repenting for the sins of the church and they have been seeking God’s face (craving God) and now their prayers are being answered. More and more of God’s people are awakening to the state of the church and of our nation and the world, they are beginning to cry out in repentance and they are seeking God’s face asking his forgiveness and God is moving.

But, just like a river, there is turbulence as the separation of streams occur. Two currents, each pulling in its direction. We have steering wheel of the ship and with the mighty power of the Holy Spirit, we can turn the rudder, away from the stream of destruction and into the stream of the Great Awakening and Blessing.

  There is much to be done, it is not only a time to pray but to take action. Prayer is the most powerful action but we must stand up in the power, authority and love of God, that God has given us and begin to proclaim the word of God in every corner of this nation. It is time to come out of the prayer closets, everyone else has come out of their closets,  and to begin to proclaim the gospel with power and authority and with signs following in the streets in the stores in the halls of government regardless of what the world’s political correctness says. We can no longer afford to hide behind the four walls of the church buildings, or hide behind the world’s political correctness.

We do not need to be worried about offending anyone. I would rather offend to save, rather than see them destroyed and in hell. When we are told by many, to stop testifying to Gospel and to stop moving with the Holy Spirit, doing signs, wonders and miracles we need to respond as Peter and John did in Acts 4:19-20  (AMP)”19 But Peter and John replied to them, “Whether it is right in the sight of God to listen to you and obey you rather than God, you must judge [for yourselves]; 20 for we, on our part, cannot stop telling [people] about what we have seen and heard.” 

We must arise with the leading of the Holy Spirit and take back the devil has stolen. Devil has stolen, our children, our neighborhoods, our cities, our states, and our nations. It is time for the church to arise in power and authority and the gates of hell will not prevail against the church. We have the victory, for when we move, God himself will arise, moving with us, and He will release the armies of heaven to fight with us.

  So the choice is ours, to let our nation and the nations of the earth continue to go to hell in a hand basket or to rise up and proclaim the word of God in love and power and turned this nation and the nations of the earth back to God. We can have the Worldwide Great Awakening that has is promised.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Lion's Voice Ministries: An Army of Angels

Lion's Voice Ministries: An Army of Angels: Vision of an Army of Angels By Richard L. Spangler On June 25, 2015, I was caught up in a vision. I was standing in a great plain in ...

Monday, July 27, 2015

An Army of Angels

Vision of an Army of Angels
By Richard L. Spangler

On June 25, 2015, I was caught up in a vision. I was standing in a great plain in heaven. This plain seem to stretch for hundreds maybe even thousands of miles in every direction. What was unusual is the fact that it was empty say unusual because in heaven nothing is empty every space has purpose. Prayed and asked the Lord what the meaning of this empty plane is, immediately my eyes were open and I saw him standing before me a great army of angels. There were perhaps millions of them standing in rank-and-file. There were archangels there were all different types of warrior angels, the smallest of which were at least 12 foot tall extremely muscular wearing armor flaming swords at their side ready to do battle with they did not move. I then asked to myself why are they not moving? I heard the voice of the Lord saying to me this army has been hidden until this time and is revealed now for this time. They are not moving because I have not arisen to war says the Lord I am and God of War and I will arise with my armies. But my Warrior Bride has not asked me to arise and to fight for her and she has not asked me for this army of angels to come and do battle. Then suddenly around the plain there appeared a host of people they were all praying but they were not praying for the Army to be released they were praying for the church (the Warrior Bride) on earth to ask the father the Lord God to release the Army and to arise and to fight with them and for them. Then, hundreds of those praying stopped and looked at me and asked me why the church is not asking for God to arise and for the release this angelic army. They continue to ask me over and over, I was dumbfounded and had no answer. Suddenly Jesus appeared at my side and he answered those who questioned me. Jesus said, "the reason the church does not pray and ask for the release is there are many who are disheartened and there are many more who do not realize who they are in me." Then Jesus looked at me and said, "You go and teach them who they are, and the power and authority they have in me. I will heal the disheartened so they can be taught who they are. The time is short, and the battle is now, remember you do not battle against flesh and blood but against evil and wickedness in high places. You must move in me to bring down the evil that has taken control of your nation and its government. Now is the time to call out for me to honor the covenants that have been made by your forefathers. Now is the time, for the church, my warrior bride to arise and take her place as my Regent on the earth. To bring forth a great move of the Holy Spirit that billions will come to know me and the course of nations shall be changed. Now is the time, for my church to arise and to roar with the power and authority of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah to stand and to fearlessly proclaim what is right and to go forward doing signs wonders and miracles that have given you to do. Go forth and take back what Satan has stolen from you and from mankind through his deceptions. You can do this I am with you and I have all authority in heaven and earth and when I move nothing can stand against me. This army of angels awaits my command to move with you and with Me.” says the Lord. “Shake yourselves, stir yourselves up from your sleep, put on your armor go forth and make war against the principalities and powers and spiritual wickedness in high places. Call on me, I will go with you and I will release this army of angels to fight alongside you." With this I heard a tremendous roar from the army of angels, it was a deafening war cry and I looked towards them and all them all with flaming swords raised to towards the Throne of Heaven, they were ready for war. I as I have prayed over this vision, a number of things have come to mind. We will look at those Holy Spirit inspired thoughts in the coming weeks. We look at the disheartened as well as teach on who we are in Christ (this is an ongoing revelation, as are all things in God). For those who have some understanding of you are and your authority, begin now to ask God to arise to war and to release this angel army. Also, under the leading of the Holy Spirit come out of your homes, and your churches. Come out of the closet (everyone else has) tell people about the love of God for them, tell them about His righteousness and with the Holy Spirit, do signs, wonders and miracles This will change your street, your community, your city, your state, our country and the world. This will bring about the Day of Saints and the 3nd Great Awakening. The army of angels is waiting but more importantly God is waiting on you.


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Why are We Losing to the Devil?

              By Richard L. Spangler

Why are we losing to the devil? We, who know the Lord Jesus Christ are not waging war against the gates of hell.

   It's time to go on the attack against evil wherever it is found. We have all the power in Christ Jesus. We overcome and win by the blood of the Lamb and word of our testimony. Unleashing the Power of Praise to our God, the Power of Prayer and allowing the Holy Spirit to flow through us.

   It's time to take back what the devil has stolen: "The Earth is the Lord's and the fullness there of" The devil stole it in Eden and how we must take the Earth back, so that the Glory of the Lord fills the Earth.
   We must roar in the Spirit as the young Lions of Judah that we are, moving in the Holy Spirit with the Lion of Judah Jesus Christ. It's time to wake up, to roar , to put on the Armor of God and to wage war against the devil. It's TIME to fight and win for our nation and the nations of the Earth!! Let the shout be hear in the streets, in businesses ,in the halls of government, until it the shout is a roar "PRAISE THE LORD AND GLORY TO GOD MOST HIGH!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

2015: a Year of Blessings And Focus

By Richard L. Spangler
  The Lord is saying this a year of Blessings and a year of moving forward in Him. So set your focus on what is ahead. Do not look back to what was, good or bad. But look forward to what is coming. Set your focus to look ahead.
  The one who is running a race, focused on what is ahead. Focusing on what is behind (what was) will cause you to slow down and even stumble and fall. Looking back will cause you to miss some of the blessings I have for you.
  Do not get distracted. Be as a lion that does not get distracted by those things going on around him. The lion stays focused on his prey until he captures it. Then it is his. Do likewise, keep focused on what I have called you do this year and you will capture the blessings that I have you.
  Keep your focus on your relationship with me says the Father. Move closer to me and I will move closer to you. I want you to know me better this year. Walk by my side, listen to my voice. Speak what I tell you speak. See what I am doing, move with me, and do what I do.
 There will be great blessings in this year, if you set your focus me. The choice is yours, focus on what is behind or focus on me and what is ahead and be blessed. 
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